Some Pernicious Myths About President Nobita

Although I am still willing to subject to debate President Nobita's father Ninoy for further scrutiny, some of the myths about President Nobita needs to be exposed.  These are in no particular order and I hope this will awaken people to the truth:

Myth #1- Under President Nobita, the economy is growing

The truth is the economy is in decline proven by the rising prices of goods and commodities.  Not that I support Gloria Abobo but he should stop blaming her for the economic situation he himself caused.  The pork barrel, the DAP, the PDAF and etc. is all under Nobita's proof that he is an irresponsible president.  Even if he's not as bad as the late Ferdinand Macoy but he is still nonetheless an economic disaster.  One may continue to think how unemployment still increases all the way.  If the economy is growing, why hasn't the need for OFWs cut down considerably?  One has to consider that Nobita's economy is nothing more than a for show only by ABias-CBN and Ginago Mga Audience.

Myth #2- Under President Nobita, it's a war against corruption

Another lie by Nobitards.  President Nobita's administration is nothing more than a circus.  For one, the whole impeachment process of Corona was nothing more than corrupt vs. corrupt.  After Corona, we have to deal with Janet Naporkes, Juan Ponce Enrile, Ramon Reviler, Unggoy Estrada, Gregago Honasan, etc. and why are they STILL IN POWER?  As if President Nobita forgot that Enrile was Macoy's right hand man, as if he forgot Gregago led a coup during his late mom's regime,as if he forgot ALL the crimes that Sherap did during the Sherap Administration (he should have NOT been pardoned) and so on.  Besides why hasn't he locked up EVERY LAST GUILTY PERSON?  Obviously President Nobita is playing favorites!

Myth #3- President Nobita has no faults

This is the stupidity of the supporters of the Aquinos.  Why don't they get it that Nobita is NOT his father Ninoy?  Why don't they get it that Nobita DID NOT lead EDSA Revolution?  Maybe they can all go back to the incident that led to strains between China and the Philippines.  Why didn't he apologize for the botched Pinoy National Patola operation against Rolando Mendoza?  One may also continue to name that President Nobita just refuses to think DAP and PDAF are both damaging to the economy.  Also, take a look at HOW messed up Imperial Manila is- floods are much worse, no implementation of sanitation, etc. which makes me think WHAT KIND OF PRESIDENT IS PRESIDENT NOBITA?

It's about time for the Filipino people to take action against President Nobita!