A Link Between American Superiority Mentality Failipinos and Stupidity?

From the New York Post, it is said that a lot of U.S. adults are dumber than the average human.  It leaves me thinking how true is this post?  Before, America was viewed as the land of promise, the land of greatness, it was once the greatest country in the world (or so many thought)... and now to take a look at what happened in America and what is going on and what traits Failipinos have carried over from the Murkans:

One may want to take a look at the disaster known as George W. Bush's administration.  His warmongering policies led to America's poor economy.  In his administration, several bank con cases had happened through mail order fraud and stock manipulation.  If America gets conned out of a lot of money in one sitting, it deserves to crash!  Before George W. Bush became President, the Philippines had Sherap's rather destructive solution against the Abu Sayyaf or you can talk how the 1987 Constitution did not reverse the damages done by the Macoy party.  Currently if there is Obamacare, the Philippines has the stupid Nobitacare program.

TV-Y7-FV shows usually are quite dull and everything, some get canceled by bad writings and adaptations become adaptation decay at best.  When Golion got localized as Voltron, it just made Golion look better in spite of Golion's issues, the show is pretty stupid.  I mean, for example even with the obvious deaths (even when you delete the questionable scenes out), they still write off the deaths.  STUPID!  Another serious test of logic is how TV-Y7-FV shows just feed all those bad logic.  Like you have, "The city suffered minimal damage and no one was hurt." IN SPITE of all the explosions which happened.  And I probably have to think about it that children are also pretty sheltered in the process.  Hardly do Failipinos get any non-American foreign media- it seems to be almost everything is AMERICAN or should I say MURICAN!

I could possibly put the blame to Miley Cyrus (and that disgusting show Hannah Montana which I believe caused Disney's decay in quality) or the just as arrogant if not worse Justin Bieber on America's stupidity.  One may also look at the stupidity of Justin Bieber SMILING during his mugshots rather than having any remorse for what he did.  I believe he should be LOCKED UP LONGER or even DEPORTED to save America!  And for Miley?  I'd rather watch Power Rangers than Hanna Montana! Note that they're not the only ones responsible for the stupidity of most people!  And it's no surprise that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are also pretty much popular in the Philippines!  If America has contemporary Hollywood and other related media then the Philippines as of recent has ABias-CBN and other related media.

Plus many Americans today are arrogant spoiled brats.  I might want to think of the time as children when they quarrel over who was what.  Recalling the 90s- there was the Super Nintendo (which I nearly struck a Faustian deal for it), the Playstation, the Sega systems (Genesis, Megadrive, Saturn and later Dreamcast), Jaguar, Atari, let's KEEP LISTING IT!  Today you might even have nine year olds with iPhones and many are so spoiled and pampered.  So I guess the idea that American kids have to be on their own at 18 isn't working if this is the case... of parents spoiling kids.  Spoiled brats don't know what life is.  Besides, try to take a look at how America back then was before when discipline was strictly enforced vs. to America today.  Today many Failipinos especially from OFW families are like that too... wanting expensive stuff, be materialistic never mind how difficult it is to be an OFW for the person to be working hard while they spend all the money left and right.

Some of them may go as far as to throw the worst of tantrums when things don't go their way like this guy...

This is the video of Atty. Eric Paolino (who's currently part of Shocklee and Paolino) vs. Judge Marilyn Milian of the people's court.  Actually in here he wasn't a lawyer yet, he was still back in 2007, a second year law student at the University of Miami.  The case of the Coconut Grove Condo was when a fellow student at UM (a graduate student) named Susan M. Murray didn't get enough notice and wanted her money back because she didn't want to get the room anymore due to extensive 10 page application process (and was failed to put on notice), he refused.  He was acting like a spoiled brat.  Judge Milian here did what was right- to LECTURE the spoiled brat about court courtesy and make him pay the cost costs and return the money back to the plaintiff.  Plus he had the nerve to tell the Miami Herald he felt like he wasn't in a court of law.  And still he made it at UM?  If I were at UM's dean, I would have probably expelled him for gross disrespect which is worse than Aguirre's covering ears act.  As said if you think that kind of petulance and babiness gets anyone anywhere, you are SORELY MISTAKEN!  No wonder why America's education system is plunging down due to a lack of rules and the Philippines imitating it, means the Philippines goes down too!

Just my two cents!


  1. MURICA! F*** YEAH!

    As for the shows, it's really ironic how both Murkan and Pinoy try to make their shows "kid-friendly," yet there is still mature themes like violence and sex. Sure, they can say they minimized it, but then, it's still there, so who are they kidding... (not to mention those Pinoy telebasuras, which still has loads of violence and sex in it along with its rather bad writing and acting, are being favored over foreign shows for reasons that the latter is "violent" and "immoral.")? -_-


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