What's Wrong with Failipino Netizens Satisfied with President Nobita's Performance?

Well I guess these Failipino Netizens are probably more immature than your typical teenager who's into the latest boy band.  Why is that?  For one, these teenagers are actually saluting artists who aren't mediocre compared to the B.S. artists of Obviously Palpak Music, the Failipino Netizens do not and probably they are always happy with "the cartoon character I always watch on TV, after 20 years he became a President of the Philippines".  And here's what I am already thinking is wrong, very wrong.

For one Failipinos have NO DIRECTION and President Nobita as a leader is without one.  Which of course is always backed by his "Pwede Na Yan" mentality which is obviously mediocrity, not seeking to improve passing while accepting limitations. One can tell the flaws of the Nobita presidency started to show during the Rolando Mendoza hostage crisis or that, prices of commodities are rising up.  One can also think about how President Nobita's so-called war against corruption is just a circus of stupidity. Failipinos are obviously the type who wants mediocre leadership because it might be the key to getting what they want all the time, never mind Kill Henares has turned the B.I.R. from the Bureau of Internal Revenue into the Bureau of Internal Robbery or that Money Villar has his ghost projects, or that Pink Lacson by supporting Atty. Viraliano Aguirre, has supported incompetent prosecutors in return.  Maybe we can also all try to find out what's wrong with Doraemar Roxas too!

If giving pork barrel politicians special treatment with such care WHILE giving bad housing to Yolanda victims?  Besides, if Nobita is serious about justice, HE SHOULD LOCK UP THOSE PORK BARREL POLITICIANS IN THE PIG PENS!

And you might as well consider other issues like how President Nobita refuses to even fund projects to help regulate floods during rainy season, he refuses to take down the 60/40 policy and increase joint venture shares to 50% to 80%, how he refuses to get rid of oligarchy and you might consider he's always blaming Gloria for all his mistakes.  And for Nobitards, for them Nobita is sinless, Nobita does no wrong, Nobita is holy and they view Nobita as their infallible leader.  What they ignore is that President Nobita is only having revenge for his late father.  Come on, Bongbong Macoy as much as he is not worth voting for DID NOT kill Ninoy, Ferdinand Macoy is LOOOOOOOONG dead and President Nobita should focus on Bongbong's current offenses not the your father killed my father issue!  I know there's some issues whether or not Ninoy deserves to be a hero but no debate that President Nobita is no hero but a ZERO!

Obviously Failipinos have a flawed view against criticism in general.  Criticism in the dictionary is defined not only pointing out one's mistakes but also making careful judgement.  Which of course my favorite picture is Atty. Viraliano Aguirre (above) and his covering ears act.  No matter how angry the judge is, one does NOT do that in the courtroom!  And at this point, I probably have changed my mind about Miriam calling the prosecutors as "gago" because of how they handled their jobs.  After all, it was like "Three, that will do." which they were wasting the time of the courts.  I mean I don't care about Aguirre's much higher bar rating than Miriam, that moment he was definitely showing how "gago" he really is with his, "bravado speech" and then he's a hero?  Oh he's a hero of mediocrity that's for sure!

Also I guess Failipinos hate to face the bitter truth.  For the it's equivalent to committing suicide because they want to be in a perpetual state of bliss.  If one expects to be a Filipino NOT a Failipino, they must get rid of the bad values of the country.  Besides, being satisfied with President Nobita's performance is equivalent to being satisfied with the performance of some whiny loser guy.

Besides who else are to blame but the Failipinos in the first place?  I mean WHO voted President Nobita in anyway but THEM?  Well no wonder why they are happy with his performance.  But as said, the truth never changes even if everybody says it's a lie and the lie NEVER changes even if everybody agrees with it!  Noytards are all like the minions in Despicable Me or the Servbots in Megaman Legends.

I guess Failipinos are obviously to react like this when it comes the bitter truth that President Nobita is NO HERO to the Philippines!


  1. On another note, I just thought that if ever someone tells me to leave the Philippines when I criticize it again (as what I did again with my mom), I'll just tell them: "Ba't tila yata ako yung pinapaalis mo? 'Di ba dapat yung mga nanggagago sa 'yo dun sa Malacanang? O kaya naman sa Senado? O kaya yung mga nasa City Hell-este-Hall?" :P (English translation: "Why is it that I'm the one you want to leave? Shouldn't it be the ones who are screwing with you in Malacanang? Or the ones in the Senate? Or even those in the City Hell-I mean-Hall?")

    1. I agree with you. It is also very frustrating to argue with Filipinos, when they use their Gods to their arguments. "Bahala na si God., "This is God's purpose.", "God will save us", and etc.. Their minds are fixated to their favorite politicians no matter how corrupt they may be.

    2. For one, while I can't argue that GDP of the Philippines is growing but the President SHOULD fix other issues too that are within his power like frequent flooding or traffic. Otherwise, economic boom will just go to waste.


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