Satirical News: No Direction's First Concert a Success in the Philippines, Booed By Other Countries!

President Nobita's SONA was yet another jamming success together with the performances of Pink, Doraemar, Kill and Money.  No Direction took the SONA to another direction which No Directioners were all clapping and cheering as the following performances were done:
  • The whole group danced the Gangnam Style as the introduction of the concert.
  • President Nobita's song "Pwede Na Yan" (That Will Do)
  • Money Villar's campaign jingle in rap form.
  • Kill Henares' "Magbayad Kayo Ng Buwis" (Pay Your Taxes) song number.
  • Doraemar Roxas' "Bayanihan Rap".  Bayanihan is the term of people working together as a group.
  • Pink Lacson's "I Love the Pinoy National Police" song.
  • Their group songs were "There's a Dap Down In My Heart" to support DAP, "Kung Walang Corrupt" (If There's No Corrupt), "Data Caps Yeah" and "Protectionism Rules".

"Wow President Nobita, you rock!" was the shout of one No Directioner.

Viraliano Aguirre and Jose Abad were the concert organizers.  Aguirre and Aguirre Law Firm appeared as a top sponsor together with all President Nobita supporters.  Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte also appeared for the concert.  Atty. Aguirre mentioned, "This is a great victory for the Filipino people, they have made the right choice to vote for President Nobita as he brought the Pwede Na Yan culture..."

However No Direction at a live broadcast worldwide also received negative attention.  MTV Asia and Channel V gave No Direction a nomination for "Worst Newcomer".  

David Wu of Channel V said, "No Direction's performance is so bad.  It's no wonder why some Filipinos don't appreciate their own music most of the time.  I don't blame them.  That concert was INFERNAL!  If the Chinese army heard it, they'd probably send Damulag to beat up President Nobita."

Filipino-American singer Lea Salonga-Chien refused to support No Direction saying, "They are a disgrace to the Philippine music industry.  They are Obviously Palpak (Failure) Music.  They are a disgrace to Filipinos who do their best for the music industry.  But I hope this does not drag down the Filipino musicians who are worth recognizing.  The failure of one Filipino group is not the failure of the whole race, neither is the success of one Filipino the success of all."

AKB48 member Sayaka Akimoto spoke in Tagalog to insult No Direction, "Ouch!  My ears really hurt.  I can't bear to listen to another song of No Direction."  Other AKB48 members and former members who were half-Filipino commented how stupid No Direction is.

No Direction has currently been handed over to the "Worst Newcomer Award" and "Raspberry Award" as a nominee.  No Directioners however protest and say, "No Direction Rocks!"