Satirical News: As SONA Approaches, No Direction Fans Go Wild!

The State of the Nation Address (SONA) is due on July 28, 2014.  Failipino fans of No Direction's leader President Nobita are in a state of excitement for the first performance of the band No Direction.  No Direction is now going to release its mall album at the Quirino Grandstand, where the SONA will be followed by a two hour premiere concert of the band.

Some supporters of President Nobita are now showing their tears of excitement as President Nobita, Kill Henares, Doraemar Roxas, Money Villar and Pink Lacson will perform for the first time during the SONA.  Those who have not bought the VIP tickets to the SONA however are still causing chaos, because they wanted front seats to the first No Direction Concert which will happen during the upcoming SONA.

"Wow I'm so excited." said a No Direction fan "We Filipinos are satisfied with President Nobita's performance in getting rid of the pork barrel politicians, in raising nationalism, in impeaching Corona and wow, he's so gonna perform!"

"President Nobita rules!" said another No Direction fan who sang "I Have a Balloon" in Tagalog in front of the camera.

"I am sure President Nobita will beat Damulag's army from China," said another No Direction fan "I am sure President Nobita will come up with a solution to gain Spratlys!"

Concert organizer Viraliano Aguirre who posted his pictures of him covering his ears said, "Well we are also selling the Slipquit slides during the concert.  We will give a discount to law students who may soon be facing lectures from judges.  After all it is not right for a judge to lecture a lawyer."  The Aguirre and Aguirre Law Firm has sold more tickets for No Direction at the SM Mall of Asia, causing much longer lines than the One Direction ticket sales.

As the concert is drawing near, No Direction fans are going wild!