Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode Six "The Alien Infestation" Breaks New Record!

In the latest Shippaiman episode, the plot now involves an invasion of the Xenomorphs from the Aliens franchise. Toei asked for permission from 20th Century Fox to use the plot. During the episode, Xenomorphs are parodied in a battle to save Japan with Spaceballs Humor injected. The episode begins with the Kamen Rider Kabuto episode and the episode has Hiro Mishizuma as a guest star. In this episode. Andrew Michael Gray takes a short role as Dr. Burrows who decides to help out Winsbraindraft. Ciara Hanna's character is only seen in a cameo as a model for America. Sayaka Akimoto's role as Pia Wakamatsu is yet to be confirmed.

During the episode, the Winsbraindraft team are seen doing an investigation while Shippaiman and company are doing nothing. After the Winsbraindraft team starts realizing that Xenomorph infestation had just happened. Hiro Mishima plays as the guest star Tendo Souji (but not to be confused with Kamen Rider Kabuto) who displays his extraordinary talent in hunting down the Xenomorphs. The government refuses to heed to Captain Masaki's warning which gives another facedesk. Worse, Prime Minister Nobita threatens to shut down Winsbraindraft should they do any investigation where the meteorite lands. Inside the meteorite, the strange lifeform from space landing and turning into the deadly Xenomorph creatures. Both Takeru and Jules still investigate anyway.

In this episode. Dr. Burrows is presented to help Winsbraindraft. He's mentioned that his friend Gia Jordan is still abroad. Some shipteases happen when Jules says maybe they can fix shy Takeru up with Gia. At the same time. Dr. Burrows seems interested with Jules for her rather strong personality than anything else. He was impressed at how Jules could easily be that badass agaisnt a group of Xenomorphs. He and Jules tried to create a countermeasure against the Xenomorphs to find out what the creatures are weak in. The result of President Nobita not helping them results in a plague of Xenomorphs that hit Japan. The Winsbraindraft team prepares a countermeasure. Sgt. Gregory Tomasu and Takeru Inaba prepare to fight the Xenomorphs. The result of the attack results to people getting singing Chestbursters plaguing the city. Since it's a comedy, nobody really gets a bloody death which was a homage to Space Balls' scene of a singing Chestbursters.

During this episode, Manabu Rokuda wears yet the infamous nth Shippaiman armor. Shippaiman tries to fight the Xenomorphs with his wife Kashiya Sano now donning her Noopaiwoman armor. In this episode, Jules arrives with the countermeasure of Dr. Burrows. Extreme temperatures would stop the Xenomorphs. Both Takeru and Gregory manage to hold longer thanks to their professionalism. Using some nitrogen bombs, the Xenomorphs start to deteriorate allowing the Winsbraindraft team to finally destroying them. At the same time, a Facehugger manages to attack Manabu off-screen causing him to feel really bad. The end of the episode results to Shippaiman geting a singing Chestburster to come out of him and he faints. His wife Kashiya cries thinking he's died though the life reading shows he's still alive for the next wacky episode.