Fun With Gluten Anyone?

When it comes to gluten content, the less refined the flour is the higher the gluten it contains. Gluten is what gives anything that's made from wheat its chewy texture. The more unrefined the flour, the higher the gluten content. The video shows that cake flour contains less gluten and bread flour contains more gluten. 

While it does look like meat but some can already tell it's not meat. Gluten just has that tough texture which makes it feel like meat. Some call it "fake meat" but due to all the fake foods as of late, I'd just call it vegetarian meat or meat substitute. The process requires some boiling in a seasoned broth to give it the taste. With the right technology on hand, it may be possible to mass produce them without being commercialized. Sometimes, new technology related to food can kill quality while others have a good mix of traditional and modern methods. 

This vegetarian "meat" is fun to mix into vegetable dishes or even meat dishes. Like I still can't forget how I've eaten them mixed with some meat dishes. But I would prefer them mixed into purely vegetable dishes instead of meat dishes. While I do still eat meat, I still want to skip some meat for vegetarian "meat" at times. Other alternatives may include grilling, frying or making curry out of them. There's a lot of fun varieties to do them.