Gluten Free Diet For Non-Celiac Disease Sufferers? NO WAY!

There's the trend of going on a gluten free diet. There was even that book called "Wheat Belly". But how true is it anyway? Based on the video above, this short from DNews does feature something useful. While I didn't completely agree with his video on Mathematics but it doesn't mean he should be totally discredited for some mistakes. Like I can agree you don't need to be a math person to do math but there's such a thing as a math person (i.e. person who's really good at it). 

The problem behind this gluten free diet trend is based on sensationalism and ignorance. To make something "gluten free" actually kills nutrients in the wheat and using chemical treatment. People are thinking gluten equals bad. It's bad if you've got celiac disease but if you don't have it then you can eat it but everything should be eaten in moderation. Some studies are showing that you really need to go to a doctor to check if you have celiac disease and find ways to get the necessary proteins one misses during a gluten free diet.