Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode 11 "Nobita's Father Complex" Angers Nobita Fanatics!

Yutaka Hirose who plays as Prime Minister Nobita in Shippaiman praised Naruhisa Arakawa's comedy in the show. Trying to rehash the episode in Akibaranger "Our Pain! Yellow Mama!" we now have another fictional character Nobisuke Tokugawa (PM Nobita's dad, also played by Yutaka Hirose only in flashback) and his mother Tamako Chikamoto-Tokugawa (played by Megumi Mori only in flashback) were given "honors" as heroes. During the death anniversary of Nobisuke and Tamako who were heroes who corrected Ieyasu Tokugawa's mistakes, the son shows himself to be what he is... a free rider. The episode caused a massive protest by former president Nobita's fanatical followers outside the Japanese embassy demanding Shippaiman to be canceled.

During the Nobisuke Festival, PM Nobita speaks of how "great" he is because of his father Nobisuke. He also speaks how great his ancestor Ieyasu Tokugawa really was in closing Japan's economy. He speaks how the Meiji era caused Japan to go bankrupt and that Japan must be a protectionist state all over again. Tokugawa-tards start shouting and praising the incompetent prime minister. Koko Sogabe makes an appearance in this episode where she blames some other people to why the relief goods were ruined. Meanwhile, newly appointed members of Winsbraindraft team Reiko Maribaron (from episode ten) continues to give lectures on how dangerous protectionism is. Angered, PM Nobita sends both Shippaiman and Noopaiwoman to hunt them down.

Takeru gets a ghostly visit from his ancestor a samurai named Kenshin (also played by Tori Matssuzaka) telling him to search for the missing books about the Tokugawa era. Shippaiman and Noopaiwoman tries to prevent the Winsbraindraft team from getting the missing books. As always, Takeru and Jules manage to prove their metal suits are superior. This leads them to unleashing the truth about the Tokugawa era which causes the crowd to throw stones at PM Nobita. He tries to use his late father's name. The result was that both Nobisuke's and Tamako's ghosts appear to give their idiotic son as well as their idiotic daughter a heavy spanking before departing for the afterlife.

For Filipinos who are either working or living in Japan, they praised the episode to be a real eye opener. They said that Filipinos need to see more of Shippaiman to wake up from their delusions. On the other hand, Toei still hasn't decided on whether or not Shippaiman should get more episodes. Shippaiman defeated the ratings of Zyuohger and Kamen Rider Ghost plus two movies are already on the works. The cast of Kamen Rider Ghost has recently signed up for the Kingdom of Shocker film while the cast of Zyuohger are doing a year-end crossover with Shippaiman. The Zyuohger and Ghost cast are last seen with the Shippaiman cast promoting the two major movies.