Walking Once Again In My Childhood Memory Lane

I was a kid in the 90s and an 80s baby. So how do I feel that I'm feeling old. I thought about how Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, etc. for better or for worse is still going on. I thought about my preferences where I usually prefer new school Kamen Rider and mostly post-Gokaiger seasons though these are subject to change. I thought about how often I take a place between stuff that I like. I can't forget how I took a break from Tokusatsu to watch Korean shows then I took a break from Korean shows to watch Tokusatsu. It's a strange journey indeed!

It's time to think about the 90s and last decade considering how much time has passed...

I just watched the Gavan/Dekaranger movie and I'm feeling THAT OLD. Just looking at how New School Gavan gets the sword from Old School Gavan made me remember how time must pass its course. Geki Jumonji gets the sword from Retsu Ichijouji. I can remember watching the dubbed versions of Gavan and Sharivan on television. I thought of how it's been 13 years after Dekaranger. I admit I do have the Dekaranger hype though it somewhat died with how Jasmine got married to that child she saved years ago. WTF... really what happened? I wonder how Ayumi Kinoshita feels about it. I'm just glad she didn't marry someone THAT YOUNG in real life. At the same time, I gave a thought of how I felt like I needed another short break from Tokusatsu, watch some Korean and Taiwanese stuff then go back to Tokusatsu but the vibes aren't that strong.

Speaking of which, I can't deny how I always had that "Kiddie Show Saturday" and "Kiddie Show Sunday" song which I used to sing a lot when it was Sunday or when it was a summer vacation. I could remember watching Gavan and Fiveman on Sundays. I can't forget about Jetman or any of the Tokusatsu shows shown on Sundays. I also can't forget how addicted I was to Conan the Adventurer which was aired on ABiaS-CBN on Saturdays. Those were some memories where some are nice to look back at and some I can easily shun.

I thought about the 90s with Fridays. I remembered watching Mighty Morphin' and Baywatch during the time I was nine to ten years old. I couldn't forget it. One was for Kimberly Ann Hart and the other for Cassie Jean Parker. Now both actresses have reached quite some time. Amy Jo Johnson-Giner has aged rather well for a woman in her late 40s. Pamela Anderson just turned 50 years old a few days ago though I can't forget all those unnecessary surgeries. It's so sad how anyone could mar themselves. I just thought though I haven't been open to a Mighty Morphin' rewatch. I did rewatch a few episodes some time ago but it's just not the same. Power Rangers' really bad direction ruined the childhood it once gave me. Then again, since when was Power Rangers really ever worth my time?

There are stuff I used to like before but I don't like now. I could name some stuff like how I liked old school Marvel, old school Nickelodeon and old school Disney. But right now, I just find myself disappointed with how certain stuff that gave you a childhood will destroy it years later. I still tend to think Disney ruins everything it buys. I'm probably glad that I skipped Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens especially why in the world did Disney disregard the Legends continuity? It really makes me get mad. Grrrr.. Disney do you have to reboot everything you buy? I also thought of how Marvel sucks now thanks to Disney. I wish Marvel will be at the hands of Warner Bros. because for one, I'm sick and tired of how Marvel ruined its potential storylines way too many times. Disney made it even worse by destroying childhood memories such as Scarlet Witch's and Quicksilver's paternity was just thrown out without about the consequences and inconsistency of such a decision.

Haim Saban... I think the guy both gave me and "ruined" my childhood at the same time. Though I realize that he's not to blame for Power Rangers airing in the Philippines instead of Super Sentai. I'd rather blame ABiaS-CBN's tendency to prefer the Americanized version over the Japanese version of stuff. I may not be a fan of Power Rangers (while understanding why it exists due to cultural differences) but he's got a lot more respect for Marvel Comics than Disney ever did. No matter how watered down the X-Men cartoon series was compared to the definitely not for children comics but he had more respect for Marvel. Too bad though he and a lot of people from his side and Toei's are already pass their prime. So far, the Marvel-based cartoons by Saban had more respect than what Disney offers. His return hasn't been spectacular either and Power Rangers had been downhill ever since. That's what you probably get for just thinking about baking cakes and collecting Core Medals.

I also thought of how video games I played back in the 90s and those I played as a teenager either get better or get worse. I thought of how I was in denial I actually liked playing Tekken 3 or how I didn't like it as much until Tekken 5. I thought of how Tekken went from the super stiff controls of the first two games and how fluid it became in later games. I thought of some video games that I played that managed to get better with the new school technology. It's cool to see how Tekken's newer games made me forget the first two games where I hated them for being too difficult. Playing Mortal Kombat's reboot nearly made me forget all the previous games of the franchise like as if they never existed. I mean, would I still play Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Kombat Trilogy or the 3D era games? The answer is hardly yes considering how the reboot game is that good. 

I thought of how Capcom once gave me a lot of good innovative games in the past ended up sucking real bad in the modern era. It's really your aim to get better with whatever new stuff you produce but some companies end up doing otherwise. I had high expectations for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 but what did I get? An anemic game in contrast to what Namco and Netherrealm did for Tekken and Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter IV series was fairly decent game but I thought of how Street Fighter V is best called as "broken edition". Where's the basic arcade mode? Also, I still have a hard time dealing with how Capcom dealt with Megaman. Megaman Legacy Collection? Please... why is it just the first six games? It's for the freaking Playstation 4 already and you could fit Megaman 1-10 or even the first six X games into one disc. Capcom's really, really giving me second thoughts if I should even try out Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Come on, what's the use of being new school if you don't take advantage of the power of the digital age and seek to improve what you started?


So I thought how do I end up in the memory lane? I usually go back to the places where some old places where I got toys from used to be. As a grown-up, I just want to use my own income to buy what I never had before but some newer stuff can help fill the void. I travel to these places and think about it... why am I still stuck in these memories? I go to certain toy stores and find that it's already serving a new generation of children. Shouldn't I focus and live on in the present? Leaves room for thought as I look back and forth in time.