Listening To Dubs VS. The Art Of Reading Subs

I remembered watching Tagalog or Filipino-English dubs as a child. Years later, I wanted to take a break from Tokusatsu when Tagalized versions of Taiwanovelas and Koreanovelas came. Then I started missing Tokusatsu and started watching new school. If there was anything I discovered is that there's a huge difference between watching the dubs vs. the art of reading subs.

Some people say they prefer dubs over subs because they hate to read subs. Some people do have legitimate reasons because of eyesight problems. I'm a myopic guy myself but I decided to learn reading subs for this reason. Let's have a bit of comparison of the Taiwanese version of Hana Yori Dango. Maybe some of you may change your mind after reading this post. 

Try to notice the dub of Meteor Garden. I really have to admit is that the best you can give for dubbing Tsukushi Makino? This scene really makes Kaede Doumyoji look REALLY PALE when she's supposed to be a mean bitch and Tsukushi is worse than a porcupine that lost its quills. 

Take a look at this subbed version of Meteor Garden. I can't forget how hearing the original voices from Taiwan made me feel that atmosphere. Yes, you hear Kaede's actual voice that she's a mean overbearing woman and you can hear Tsukushi as a strong wild grass here. It may be hard to get used to reading subs but you get to enjoy the quality subs.

While some dubbers are good but I think some stuff are meant to be enjoyed in their original language. That's what I thought while watching Super Sentai shows I watched as a child. Watching the subs of Bioman, Maskman and Jetman from start to end with subs is much better than rewatching the badly done dubs. At the same time, it's also helping me to appreciate foreign languages.