Satirical News: Bobo Muna Presents The Lubi Iton Bag!

As the possibility of further escalating conflict between the Chinese government and the Philippines keeps going on, Bobo Muna has presented its latest product called "Lubi Iton". Lubi Iton is a bag made from mostly coconut leaves, weaved and made into a bag in the quest to promote their "Sariling Atin Only" campaign and in celebration of economic protectionism.  

Members Toady Casino, Representative Neri Cuckonares, Stupor Ocampo and Loka Masa of Bobo Muna opened the Lubi Iton promotion event in Club Filipino. The bag was presented as "Proudly Filipino Made, World Class Quality". The event was presented by Bobo Muna members where many people were presented with the new bag called Lubi Iton. Only Filipino cuisine was served such as palabok, lechon, kare kare, puto maya, maja blanca and sago't gulaman.  

Other members who attended the launching of Lubi Iton as identified were former Commission of Human Rights chairperson Etta Rosales, Migraine International Chairperson Gary Martinez, Filipo D. Hippo and Kasindak Puslit to see the unveiling of Lubi Iton. The conference was scheduled at 8:00 A.M. but began at 9:00 A.M. because they believed in keeping Filipino time. A mass was officiated in Tagalog started the launching. It was performed by Socrates Villegas of the CBCP. Blessing of Lubi Iton followed by Villegas who said all the prayers in Tagalog.

"We have shown that the Philippines is capable of doing the Sariling Atin only economy. As you see, Lubi Iton will be better than the bags that we are buying from abroad. It was manufactured by Filipino hands, using only Filipino materials and because Pinoys are the best, Lubi Iton will be a high quality bag because it's Pinoy made." said Rep. Cuckonares in tagalog.

"This bag will show us that we don't need China or the world to do our economic improvement. The Philippines itself is already a self-sustaining country. If we can manufacture more Lubi Iton bags and export it to the world, the world will certainly know that we Filipinos are the most powerful race in the world." said Loka Masa as she proudly used her Lubi Iton bag.

When an unidentified reporter asked, "Sir how can we be sariling atin only economy if you are using imported equipment? Your microphones are made in China and so are your equipment. Besides, you are using stuff made from foreign influence to promote Lubi Iton. Don't you think you are contradicting your stand?" The members of Bobo Muna could not give a reply and threw the reporter out instead.


  1. Although the sales gone high, they(the ones who bought) regretfully used them after few uses, the worst, they even lost valuables & important documents.

    1. I mean that after few uses, the bag got torn apart due to multiple items placed there.

  2. Cuz Penuy Prayd is as durable as this bag..... :v


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