It's Hard For Me To Totally Boycott China!

Yes China is so hard to boycott... thanks to these girls!

I'll admit that it's hard for me to boycott China even during the time I had my American dream.  Now I usually boycott Chinese products because of product safety (and choosing to use Taiwanese or Hong Kong products instead or locally made Chinese product if I wanted products born out of Chinese influence) but it's really impossible to boycott Made in China.  So what did I think about trying to boycott China as a Filipino-Chinese?  Impossible!

So why am I saying it's easy for me to boycott Chinese products?  Well blame the loose customs who are very easy to bribe and the fake Chinese goods that were OUTLAWED in China by their government end up getting sold in the Philippines like the melamine milk scandal and currently fake rice and fake noodles.  If those Chinese crooks did their livelihood in China, they would end up in the chopping board.  For Chinese brands, it's very easy for me to actually Google them and it's time for me to boycott it just to be safe.  But if there are world-class Chinese products then I'll buy them.  Other than that, if you're in the Philippines, just stay clear from Chinese brands because the customs are so lazy that fake goods enter in like crazy.

But why do I say it's hard for me to boycott Made in China?  Now face it, almost everything is Made in China even if the brands aren't Chinese.  I don't worry about Made in China if the brands were not Chinese because there's strict quality control.  For instance, almost everything I own has been assembled in China but were kept under quality control by the foreign firms.  That is even if my products were not of a Chinese brand, I could care less if it were Made in China because the quality remains the same as the country of origin.

When I think of China, I still can't detach myself from my roots.  So maybe I'm born in the Philippines but my roots were from China.  My ancestry has been traced to Fujian Province and if I'm not wrong Anhui Province.  So really, it's hard to detach yourself from some parts of your ancestry right?  Like it made me think when I think of migrant Filipinos, they still would end up making Filipino food (and maybe even using it for a living) even when they have given up their Filipino citizenship.  So it's hard to depart from certain aspects of tradition.

I would admit that while I rejected my Chinese ancestry as a teenager, I would admit that no matter how hard I tried avoid Chinese-style cooking for American-style cooking, I still ended up craving for Chinese food.  I still had a bit of Chinese culture in my head.  I would still end up secretly eating at the dimsum even if I had my American dream.  Even today, I still end up eating Chinese food because I miss it even if I have been eating more of Middle Eastern cuisine.  Even if I were in the Philippines, I still have feelings for my ancestral country.

It just had me thinking that another reason why I'm even having a harder time boycotting China (except the savages of Yulin) is because most of China today are dog lovers.  Dog meat is getting more and more prohibited in China.  I was glad to hear of Chinese people who are going agaisnt the wrong of the Yulin Festival.  Sad to say the whole event was misused by that stupid site which I call the Philippine Pride better called the Failipine Pride because of its stupidity like when it tried to misrepresent Yulin as China's whole thanksgiving.  Fortunately there are foreign sources and Filipino sources that do not make hasty generalizations.

In spite of the Philippines vs. China conflict for Spratlys... I don't find myself blaming China as a whole.  If their businessmen want to invest in the Philippines or there are Chinese tourists coming in, let them as long as they promise to behave and they should get punishment only if they deserve it.  For the whole conflict between the Philippines and China for Spratlys, I don't feel any hatred for China as a whole except its current decision to claim land without proper jurisdiction.  I am open for peace talks as the Philippines is not ready to beat China.

When I think of the Anti-Chinese paranoia going in in the Philippines, I just think the Filipino leftists are just stupid in whenever they have their Anti-Chinese feelings.  They enjoy getting drunk with Tanduay and the person who owns Asia Brewery is from Fujian Province.  They go malling to SM but the person who owns it is also from Fujian Province.  The Philippines' economic zone is usually ran by Filipino-Chinese and whether they like it or not most of the businesses are owned by Filipino-Chinese.  I really dare them to go on for a year without anything Made in China or not use anything produced or get services from Filipino-Chinese owned businesses and let's see how they can do without anything Made in China.


  1. The China vs Philippine thing is really being blown up as a battle of bitter enemies. The media is really playing it out as if China is an evil empire.

    Anyway, I hope these idiotic calls to boycott Chinese products stop. It won't even affect them as much since the Philippines only comprises 2% of their export market.


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