One Of My Biggest Moments of Hypocrisy: I Was Anti-American But...

It's really amazing how people can be so hypocritical especially leftists.  Based on my experience I got into stupid Anti-American sentiments but...

I actually watched Baywatch mindlessly having a crush on C.J. Parker and at times, sneaked out to watch Pamela Anderson videos with my former nemesis...

I would also consider it hypocritical I actually enjoyed Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (even if it's not as much as Super Sentai) and kept watching it because of my crush on Kimberly Hart... plus I denied who my real first crush is all these years!

I was still watching American cartoons most notably Bugs Bunny... and wait, I was also watching Disney?!

I still got involved with American products and services.  Oh boy I was ranting against America but I was enjoying McDonald's fried chicken, KFC fried chicken. Hershey's chocolates and a lot of them.

Sad to say but those leftists never grow up!


  1. On the other hand, I usedcto be a USA fanatic: I thought, probably like most Filipinos, that the US is the most superior country in the world and I thus wanted to live there. I'd say it was this desire to live in the US which honed my English-speaking skills.

    1. Well later on, I became a USA fanatic in High School...


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