A Cool Game Doesn't Easily Lose Its Cool Value!

Some people say, "The coolest is always the latest."  Not always.  It just reminds me of how often I think that the coolest was the latest, I complained (from within anyway) that I didn't have the latest video game systems in the 90s.  But later I figured out that a cool game doesn't easily lose its coolness and a trashy game will usually be remembered for being trashy.

This just reminds me of the time I was whining I never got to play Super Mario World except by rental or in a friend's house because I didn't have a Super Nintendo.  I frequently bitched and whined about it never dreaming it would be obsolete.  Years later, I ended up playing the game on an emulator and later, I realized that some old games were still re-released together with other games as either downloadables or you might think, collector's edition.  In my case, I just played Super Mario World on a Game Boy Advance emulator and I realized that the game was still cool even after so many years.

Another one was the Megaman series.  Yeah I know I'm one big Megaman fanatic and addict although I never played the handheld Megaman games neither do I plan to own too many gadgets.  So I did enjoy the Megaman NES games then later, I found myself playing Megaman X3 (that really HAAARD game) up to X6 on the first Playstation game.  Eventually I had a Playstation 2 (and I am getting sad I'll miss the cool games I played with it) which I enjoyed.  Later, I would play Megaman X1 and X2 on the Megaman X collection and Megaman 7 on the Megaman Anniversary collection.  When I played them, I found them to be cool retro games and kept saying, "A cool game does not easily its coolness!  I may not be able to play it now but I can play it later!"

The same can be said about my favorite fighting game franchise, Tekken.  Even if I am now playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 6, I still miss the old Tekken games such as Tekken 1, 2 and 3.  Tekken 3 was a real cool game for the Playstation One and for me, it was better than Tekken 4 which again, latest does not mean the coolest.  Tekken 3 for me remains a cool retro-game in its own respect.  At times, I find myself still playing Tekken 5 or Tekken Tag Tournament (which for me, wasn't as great as its sequel Tekken Tag Tournament 2).  Still I cannot deny each of those games were cool in their own respect.

Whenever I think about it, a cool game never gets out of my head.  I still wish I could play some cool games that I wasn't able to play in the past.  So what's going to be next in my retro-gaming?  I can't really tell and I'm not getting any younger.  Yet the feel that the games for me won't easily lose their coolness is still there in my mind.