I'm Not Surprised: Butch Hartman Left Nickelodeon

I thought about if there was one person that made me like Nickelodeon a lot -- I couldn't forget about Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom which were born by Butch Hartman. I think I could thank him for a lot of crazy times I enjoyed Fairly Oddparents (prior to the current season) and Danny Phantom. I liked Nickelodeon to the point I wrote a lot of crazy stuff just for some crazy fun and nothing more. I can't even stop thinking about the number of times I throw Danny Phantom jokes at Kamen Rider Kiva -- all because of Hartman.

But what happened? I thought about how Nickelodeon is shooting itself at the foot. Spongebob is not funny anymore after the movie. Fairy Oddparents is no longer the same show that I used to enjoy. I felt like the show should've ended after the Grow Up Timmy Turner movie. Not to mention, Power Rangers is getting worse under Nickelodeon with the two season split. Ugh... what in the world is happening? I even feel like discontinuing my fan fic because of this situation -- it's not the same channel that I used to like! People can criticize my slapstick fan fiction all I want but this is a much bigger slap on my face to wake me up to reality!

I don't blame him for what he did. I feel like it isn't the same Nickelodeon anymore. I understand his decision. It's just like what happened with me and Marvel Comics, Disney, Star Wars -- my childhood has been massacred. It's totally unfabulous if you ask me!