The Problem With Using Comic Book Time Or The Floating Timeline

I wanted to give a thought about why I'm hating a lot of comic book companies now. I used to like Marvel a lot but I hate it now. I used to like DC a lot but I hate it now. Perhaps the problem lies with the use of comic book time where stories that started in very old school eras (instead of having been hit with the reset button every how many years) are still continued today. Heck, I'm too upset at stuff like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver got a complete rewrite without resetting the Marvel Universe or how comics in general tend to suddenly written unconventional plot twists to make a new story.

So what's the point? I think the problem with characters that just grow old when it's convenient to the writer is the amount of garbage space they receive. It's just like junk files in your desktop or mobile devices but maybe only worse. But it doesn't only limit itself to comics -- you can see it in cartoons. Spongebob staying past its prime makes room for really stupid writing (ex. Mrs. Puff turning evil and out of character) or Fairly Oddparents isn't funny anymore. I could think of how stupid it is -- I've gone through a basic education and yet they never move forward.

Perhaps the frustration can come with like, "I already got my graduate degree or even a doctoral degree IN ORDER to get this done?" It could be funny how one could get through college, get a job and some plots are never resolved or done. It made me think like you outgrew your childhood and it's only in this time that Batman proposes to Catwoman (though I'd rather have a Batman/Poison Ivy crack fic IMO). I also thought of how long it took Cyclops to marry Jean Grey -- only to get it wrecked later. Cyclops even had to marry Madelyne Pryor who was reimagined until she becomes Jean Grey's evil clone -- when she was just originally intended to be a sweet, loving redhead. That's just something I love to nitpick huh?

If anything, I thought that maybe a lot of comic book timelines need to be reset. It's like if Disney doesn't want Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to be mutants or Magneto's children -- it'd work better in a reboot Marvel (though I'd keep them as such in MY unofficial imagination). I may not like the Disney Canon of Star Wars but I think they could have the same to Marvel -- make their own canon (while respecting the other canon) so people can have alternatives. I think the same should go for Marvel, DC and other comic companies -- press the reset button NOW and set a new timeline. Though that would also mean taking Magneto's status off as a World War 2 survivor -- right now a lot of World War 2 people have died from old age as of the most recent. Magneto would be best in a retirement home or even dead by now considering it's been several years since World War 2 ended for 70+ years now. Magneto would probably be 90 or older making him too old to still continue his war.

On the other hand, having established time gaps can be more beneficial. Sometimes, a time jump is necessary. It's sort of like how Tekken 2 and 3 have a 20 year gap (which still needs a series of comics to at least help explain what happened) -- and Heihachi's aged significantly into a badass grandpa. What I liked about Dragon Ball was that it later allowed Goku to age, become a father, let Gohan grow up and he later becomes a grandfather -- though Dragon Ball Super seems to be stuck in this one since we're still stuck with Pan and Bra as infants in the reboot. Then it can also give more room for the reset button -- ending one timeline in high note then reimagining everything from scratch or even starting an entirely new show.