That Moment I Kept Singing Diana By Paul Anka During The 90s

Going back to memory lane is both fun and frustrating. It's like playing old school games -- you can remember the fun of playing it at the same time you remember the downside of old school games. Another one that I could think about was falling for a woman five years older when I was nearing adolescence -- I was 11 and she was 16 when it happened. I admired her performance on every school program and I couldn't help but notice she was quite a looker. 

I never had a formal conversation with her and I admit -- that crush went nowhere but admiring from afar. I admit, she was a beauty to behold during her time. I wanted to pursue it and watching "The Phantom Menace" somewhat encouraged it -- both Anakin was five years younger than Padme. I never openly spoke about it -- not even with my classmates or family during that time. I just kept it to myself and that crush went nowhere. But she was nowhere to be found so it went nowhere and I accepted it. Plus, I started liking younger women by that time.

The song was actually inspired by Paul Anka's one time crush on a woman named Diana Ayoub -- who was five years older than he was. It went nowhere and so did my infatuation. Just knowing about it further creeps me out. I had a crush on a woman five years older when I was still in late elementary. I wonder how old was Anka when he met her?

Just looking at this video -- I wonder why I can look back at that crush and not feel bad about it and just laugh it off eventually. I guess it was just a crush after all. I wasn't too serious about her. I just admired her at a distance. Right now, I just wonder how she is now, who she's married to and how many children does she have now. Hopefully, she's doing fine with her life now.