A Review With Some Of My Favorite Chatime Beverages!

Chatime happens to be my favorite "drinking outlet" and I would like to make a review on some of my favorite beverages.  I would like to do some rather sane reviews.  Here's my latest healthy alternative to Japanese liquor to save me from further breakdown.  In my case, I never add sugar to my drinks here.

Brown Rice Green Tea is tea made from the husk of rice grains.  During the milling process, the husk is removed and it becomes the raw material for making tea.  It has that smell of the fresh rice field associated with it. 

Oolong Tea when served cold is one of my favorites.  It's less bitter than the standard green tea.  Whenever I feel I need some caffeine, oolong becomes my substitute for coffee.  But again, I do still drink coffee.

Black Tea for me has that unique taste.  If there's black coffee, there's also black tea.  I just love its unique taste.  Too bad I couldn't find a whole kilo of black tea from any Chinese drug store.

Roasted Milk Tea with Jelly has as the name suggests, that roasted taste.  Like roasted coffee beans release some kind of flavor triggered by the chemical change, likewise a chemical change has happened in the tea leaves giving it a different flavor.  

Lychee QQ might be my top favorite beverage.  My reasons are, I simply enjoy lychee either from Taiwan, Hong Kong or my ancestral country of China.  This one gets served with lychee juice and those delicious black pearls.

Cappucino, well if you want pure coffee... this is it.  I usually use Chatime as my alternative to Starbucks.

Jasmine Tea well, nothing to do with the Dekaranger character Jasmine, it's a flavorful tea made from jasmine flowers.  I really love its sweet scent and delicious taste.  I was wondering whether or not the Philippine branches use sampaguita instead of Chinese jasmine as a substitute?