The Stupidity Of Suing A Critic For His Or Her Opinion!

When I thought about the anti-cybercrime law a few years back, I am afraid that law could really spiral out of control.  With that libel clause inserted, I already thought that how it was defined refused to tell the difference between NEGATIVE OPINION vs. LIBEL/SLANDER.  As a person who has the tendency to be so touchy and not to mention, the occasional bootlicker and approval addict, I thought it was good until I saw the kind of trouble that it would develop.

Now let's think about our DIFFERENT opinions.  Now let's say it's me vs. Sentai Bandicoot and we have different opinions and criticisms.  Now let's just say that I offer him criticism on his Gingaman review on Herotaku and he offers me criticism on my Jetman review on JEFusion like let's say, things we both believe each other lacked.  Like he'd say, "Sean, you're being too repetitive." or I'd say, "Sentai Bandicoot I feel you need to elaborate more."  We can also name a situation that let's say Sentai Bandicoot thinks Black RX sucks but I think it's an okay season.  In short, those are different opinions and people should be allowed to share their negative opinions even if it doesn't become popular, right?  So really, don't tell me I should sue Sentai Bandicoot because he thinks Black RX sucks or because he thinks negatively over a recent work of mine?!

The same can go for me vs. popular opinion let's say Super Sentai and Power Rangers.  Even if Power Rangers is more popular and exposed, I like Super Sentai better.  I would state that Super Sentai usually has presented better cast, writing, music and characterization.  I can state that even if I don't really like Power Rangers, I can name positives that I can respect it for like some seasons that I think were really good or some ups and downs.  I can also be a fan of unpopular movies, series or even characters.  Like I'll admit, I prefer Nickelodeon shows over Disney shows, I like Transformers Headmasters and Transformers Armada.  Again, don't tell me we should sue people who go against popular opinion or I should sue people who go against my opinion?

It just reminded me of how Miriam Defensor Santiago slamming that provision of the anti-cybercrime bill was certainly something!