For Blazblue Continuum Shift... My Current Favorite Fighter Is Jin Kisaragi?!

So I'm enjoying Blazblue: Continuum Shift, the Story Mode's gameplay is addictive except for that it can get annoying for me to read through walls and walls of text, compared to Tekken 6's cinematic shots in Scenario Campaign as well as Mortal Kombat (2011) with rendered cutscenes.  So I just figured out that for some reason, my current fighter to like is the noble villain, Jin Kisaragi who has some sadistic yet disturbed tendencies.  

Yeah I know, I sort of like psychotic and cruel characters at times.  I mean like in Dragon Ball Z, my favorite would be the rather impulsive former antagonist Vegeta instead of the more cool-headed Goku.  In Tekken, I'm a die-hard Kazuya player.  In the case of Jin, he's a cold-blooded guy demonstrated by his power,  I tend to like characters who tend to be very cold and uncaring, and willing to harm or even kill anyone.  

Putting aside the personality, I think Jin's gameplay sort of describes mine.  I'm pretty cheap myself at times so I prefer Jin's use of his special moves.  Not to mention, I really LOVE his Astral Heat Finisher with the cool slam effect.  I also thought of how this guy sort of has that cool slash attack by pressing C rapidly, I known I'm cheap so I guess this guy defines my playing style... CHEAP!