Why I Think Shigeru Miyamoto Said Yes To The Theory That Super Mario Bros. 3 Is A Stage Play

Super Mario Bros. 3 perhaps one of the most beloved games that keeps getting re-released for next-generation Nintendo systems either as an in-disk item or as a downloadable game, I didn't realize that there was the theory that it was a freaking stage game.  So what was really going on?

Looking at these, some fans have presented some evidence that Super Mario Bros. 3 as a stage play based on the pictures above.  In the ending, we have Mario rescuing Princess Peach from what looks like a back door, in the Super Nintendo remake (which was an in-game content for Super Mario All Stars), we see the windows just open like a theatrical window and the floors were checkered like in many old-fashioned European theaters.

What's the possible message behind the yes?  My only theory is that it's his way of saying, "Children, remember Super Mario is just make-believe, the games may exist but it's just your imagination, nothing more.  So don't cry if Super Mario fell down a lost a life, he's not real.  Remember, every time you play Super Mario, he is not a real character."


  1. I was suprised when Miyamoto san nodded to that question and confirmed it was a stage play. Nothing changes though, I still love to play it.


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