Satirical News: Ed Boon Releases Kombat Pack: Filipino Edition For Mortal Kombat X Players In The Philippines!

After President Nobita made a tactless remark about Mortal Kombat X's cancellation and Ed Boon revealing his regrets about the game's cancellation, he decided to finally release Mortal Kombat X: Philippine Exclusive Kombat Pack for USD 4.99 but it will be available first in the Philippines.  He promises that President Nobita would not get away with his tactless remark.

The new Philippine Kombat Pack features the following as downloadable content.  It features Filipiana style costumes for some characters like Liu Kang and Kung Lao looking like katipuneros, Johnny Cage dressed up in a barong, Sonya dressed up in Arnis attire, Kano dressed up as a Tondo gangster and what sparked the outrage was Shinnok's latest appearance.  The alternate costume of Shinnok looked like President Nobita wearing his presidential barong.

When asked why he made Shinnok look like President Nobita, Boon only stated, "Well Shinnok is a lazy villain who relies too much on his subordinates.  President Nobita himself is also very lazy so I don't see any good reason why I shouldn't make his appearance as Shinnok's latest alternate costume.  I hope this new downloadable content should teach a man not to be tactless towards other's misfortunes.  Hopefully he will learn his lesson from this Kombat Pack which he cannot download due to the fact he's suspended from Playstation Network until further notice."