Just Checking Out... Blazblue!!!!!

It was indeed a boo hoo for me that Mortal Kombat X got cancelled for the Playstation 3 but an item change was allowed to where I pre-ordered.  So what I did was to actually the fuzz about Blazblue and got Continuum Shift Extend for PHP 1,000.00.  So what's my thoughts?  I would admit that playing through rather impossible scenarios is my favorite thing to do.  Now I am just getting new to Blazblue and I don't know much about it but here goes...

The main hero is Ragna the Destroyer who for some reason wants NOL destroyed.  So he's sort of that anti-hero and I'll admit, I sorta like having these kinds of twists.  So after the Dark Beast attacked humanity and well, nearly destroyed the world in some futuristic setting, so something's happening right?  So really, I thought that in my rather messed up mind of unbearable destruction of sorts.  Meanwhile my favorite character to use (as of the moment) is the really cheap Jin Kisaragi and somehow, I always have a knack for crazy characters.  

So really?  Why did I take a LOOOOONG time to check this out?  Maybe it's because I'm more of a Tekken player myself.  However, I'll admit Blazblue really has entertained me but I won't really talk too much about it... I'm just starting!