Which Mortal Kombat Character Do I Compare President Nobita To?

President BS Aquino's last SONA will be awkward as some of his key allies have abandoned him.
In the midst of my "despair" that Mortal Kombat X was so cancelled for the last generation systems, I was inspired by a Get Real Philippines post to write this post. Which Mortal Kombat character is President Nobita? Would you compare him to Shao Kahn? Not even close enough to persoanlity! Now here's one character who I think is Noynoy in Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat X's final villain, Shinnok would be the character fit for President Nobita. Whether it was Mortal Kombat 4/Gold (back for the Playstation then the Dreamcast), I thought it might make a good comparison to identify Shinnok's traits in both the original Mortal Kombat and the franchise' reincarnation to at least understand the character and how President Nobita is Shinnok.

Looking at Mortal Kombat 4/Gold, it's easy to see that Shinnok is a lazy, incompetent and arrogant character in more than one level. Doesn't that remind you of President Nobita with his cybercrime law, Pwede Na Yan attitude and his well lazy habits? Sure he's a fallen Elder God, he would be Mara of Buddhist scriptures but he is more like Loki, a childish and pathetic whiner filled with so much of an ego problem. What he didn't realize was that Quan Chi sent him an exact duplicate of his Amulet and that by engaging Bi Han (the first Sub-Zero) in some engaging duel with first, made him lose his Amulet (again) then later in Mortal Kombat 4/Gold, Quan Chi cheated him of the Amulet with a duplicate. Man, he's an Elder God but he refused to tell the difference which allowed Liu Kang and the others to send him back to the Netherrealm. Even Ed Boon admitted he was a mistake in Mortal Kombat 4/Gold.

For the backstory of the fallen Elder God, he really had his wrong sense of entitlement. He thought he was entitled to anything he wanted, as he began to harass Earthrealm and his fellow Elder Gods. I always thought that President Nobita tends to think that way, especially when it comes to his ego. Remember that in thousands of years before Mortal Kombat 4, Raiden waged that war that plunged the Earth into centuries of darkness. I would be led to believe Shinnok underestimated Raiden and as a result, he was banished into the Netherrealm. Would have Shinnok been a little more careful, I think he might have won in his battle.

Shinnok's story was somewhat expanded in Armageddon. Do you remember the event that he was trying to play the victim before Taven? He was deceiving Taven to get some help. Later, we realize that he was just again. lazy. It was revealed in his semi-canonical ending that he sent a clone of himself which proves he is lazy. It just reminds me of President Nobita preferring to be there at the Mitsubishi Plant inauguration or skipping the earthquake drill. Worse, Shinnok was stupid to resurrect the overly bloated Onaga to aid Quan Chi, Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn. What I really think was stupid in Armageddon that he had his clone lead the Forces of Darkness, a decision that could have cost him. I mean, has he ever thought what if his clone won the power from Blaze? He was only lucky that the third outcome allowed everyone to kill each other but Shao Kahn won in that ordeal... it resulted to the game's reincarnation.

In Mortal Kombat X, again Shinnok was always inflated by his ego and overconfidence. So he's just gotten out of the Netherrealm, big deal then he gets high and mighty (while retaining a huge degree of childishness) like how President Nobita was as a president. He already had most of the good guys in Mortal Kombat (2011) reincarnated as Revenants, he got cocky. So he's out there where he actually goes trolling everyone and later reveals that he's just utterly childish and not to mention he's underestimated his opponents more than once then he bitches around when things don't go his way. While trying to absorb Raiden and Fujin into his amulet, he got so cocky and inattentive that Johnny Cage managed to beat him. His arrogance led to his downfall by Johnny Cage (who was presumably infused with power from the Elder Gods), which in turn caused him to be locked up for twenty years inside that Amulet.

So you think he learned his lesson? Not really as the villain always remained childish even after the painful experience of being stuck inside his own Amulet. After Quan Chi released him from the Amulet, he goes arrogant all over again. Rather than just simply get rid of Johnny Cage, he has his victor tied up by D'Vorah and slowly eaten by flesh-eating bugs. Then he takes joy in torturing Cassie Cage who suddenly gets presumably powered up by divine energy so she could win against him, just as her father defeated the fallen Elder God twenty years ago. When I think of Shinnok's pathetic state of doing things and that he just relies too much on his followers, that would be his biggest failure. His laziness provided him with an inglorious end for more than once - Liu Kang beat him in the original timeline and later, Johnny Cage and Cassie Cage would whoop his ass again causing him another series of humiliations.

In the end, Shinnok was just a living head, a reminder of the fact to either use your head or lose it. I guess PNoy really got beheaded in Saudi huh?