Satirical News: Neri Cuckonares Proposes "Kahit Konting Awa" To Become The New Philippine National Anthem!

Considering today is the 21st death anniversary of the late Flor Contemplacion, Senatorial candidate Representative Neri Cuckonares decides to submit a proposal to Congress. With Migraine International's endorsement, he proposed that "Kahit Konting Awa" which means "Just a Little Pity" will become the new Philippine national anthem in place of Lupang Hinirang.

During an interview, Representative Cuckonares was asked, "Why do you propose that 'Kahit Konting Awa' should be the new Philippine national anthem?" He replied, "Remembering Flor Contemplacion's unjust execution at the hands of foreigners and with people who decide that Philippines should be open to foreign direct investment are not aware of evils foreigners can do to Filipinos. We Filipinos have always been victimized. By changing the national anthem to 'Kahit Konting Awa', we will build awareness that Filipinos are indeed an oppressed race and always deserves the pity of the world."

After he made the statement, members of Migraine International kept shouting, "Mabuhay si Flor! Mabuhay ang Pinoy Pride!" which means "Long live Flor! Long live Pinoy Pride!" Among the identified attendants were Kasindak Puslit, Filipo D. Hippo, former Commission on Human Rights chairperson Etta Rosales, Loka Masa and Toady Casino who made themselves visible. Former chairperson Rosales said, "Filipinos must realize that they are victims and the Commission of Human Rights is there to help them. We will do whatever it takes to save our citizens who are in predicament regardless they are guilty or not."

During the proposal, Cuckonares statated, "We would also like to raise how opening the doors of the Philippines to economic liberalization will open us to further enslavement. We must work hard on self-industrialization so Filipinos can be self-sustaining without foreign direct investment. The new national anthem should build that awareness."

Stay tuned for further developments!