Blondes Don't Always Look Better

While I can't deny that I do like blonde beauties a lot but blondes don't always look better. Now for some situations that show blondes don't always look better.

I can say blondes don't always look better are Kimberly and her replacement Kat. Kat's a blonde, she's cute but I personally didn't find her as pretty as Kimberly.

Another instance of blondes aren't always better is my favorite example of Tori Hanson vs. Nanami Nono. Tori is kind of cute but let her wear that magician costume, I don't think it'd be as distracting as those episodes of Lily Shirogane in Kamen Rider W. Nanami for me has always been hotter than Tori. Sometimes, Japanese girls are hotter.

I could still bring Ciara Hanna up. I'll admit she's attractive. While I think she looks better than Mao Ichimichi but other Sentai girls still look better.

Then again, isn't beauty in the eyes of the beholder?