Bum Aquino... for all his awards in enetrepreneurship, why hasn't he figured out what's wrong with Filipino Internet companies?!

Okay I can say that Bum Aquino does have his high IQ or two, he is a better businessman than I am.  I mean, I wouldn't say all the Aquinos are bad or what... and besides, not all the Macoys are bad either.  But the problem is that, for Bum, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what's wrong with the Philippine Internet service.  Either he is self-serving or he's just like President Nobita.  And now let's first define two important keywords here - intelligent vs. smart.  And for one, I can credit Bum for being intelligent but I don't think I can credit him for being smart.

Being intelligent is what you are born with.  Intelligence according to the dictionary means, "the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills."  Smart means " showing intelligence or good judgement."  One can have ALL the knowledge in the world but still be stupid.  One can have a below average IQ but make smart decisions.  Being smart is not something you are born with but rather it is EARNED.  You can be a Harvard Graduate for all I care (and in Bum's case, he is an Atenean and also Nobita)... but is he really making smart decisions?!  Even the fact that he copies his late Uncle Ninoy's appearance makes me think what in the world is he thinking?!

The first problem may be easily linked towards INCOMPETENCE.  For one, having had used Globe before, its Internet is pretty slow, you pay high.  I may even want to think of how INCOMPETENT their staff are.  I may also think of how oligarchy can be to blame.  Then again, you have how Failipinos handle their work.  They don't double check their work, many just sleep on the job, there is no decentralization done properly... doesn't Bum even notice that?  Come on Bum, you're way more intelligent than I am, why don't you EVEN realize what's going on?  And besides, with BAAAAD economy, think of why the Philippines' Internet is so slow.

Another problem is the use of data caps.  Data caps are defined to what can limit access to the Internet in the name of "fair use".  Fair use right!  And it's better called "unfair use".  The problem with the Philippines is how these data caps even came to be in the first place!  I'm not going to cite myself since I will admit that I am no hardware expert.  Instead, I will cite some sources.  One may realize this that data caps are "crude and rude"  for easing online congestion (read here).  Benoit Felten from the article I just linked wrote this statement from his research, "The correlation between real-time bandwidth usage and data downloaded over time is weak, and the net cast by data caps captures users that cannot possibly be responsible for congestion."  His solution was to actually look at what CAUSES ACTUAL CONGESTION.  I may not be qualified to carry out the work or design the system, but any good computer engineer or network specialist ought to know that!

And I would really BLAME protectionism (read here)!  If anything should be removed from the 1987 Constitution, it should be the protectionist policies that end up continuing the oligarchy.  If the late Ferdinand Macoy built the foundations of protectionism and oligarchy, later successors only ended up either purposely or non-purposely strengthening the political crony system.  A lack of competition is just as bad as too much of it.  Anybody who thinks the Philippines is "blessed" with protectionism is just as stupid as a person who thinks that there should be no regulation to business entries.  A lack of competition promotes what is better known as mediocrity and unfair use policies.

Bum you graduated from Ateneo de Manila you have have the brain... please put them to good use will you rather than take selfies?!


  1. If Bum will never realize it's all his Tita Cory's fault, I'm gonna slam his head against his Tita and Tito's grave along with his numbskull cousin...

    1. I think he does but refuses to admit it!

    2. So much for intelligence, then... -_-


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