Flooding in Imperial Manila is Proof of Huge Mismanagement!

"Should the budget of the money go to DAP or to the flood.. wait I'll send it to DAP instead!!!"

It's annoying to see how FLIPFAGs still think nothing is wrong with the country, especially FLIPFAGs from Imperial Manila.  For the FLIPFAG, the Philippines is paradise, it's the best place on Earth, for the idiot they may think Tondo is Paradise but the contrary is true.  Looking at the floods of Imperial Manila is one good reason why foreign investors would rather fly to the Visayas these days and why Imperial Manila is no longer that advisable as a tourist spot.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's wrong... plus all these problems could have been avoided with proper timing, money, 

The Department of Energy and Natural Resources has always purposely IGNORED the consequences!  Better rename them the Department of Blackouts and Destruction of Natural Resources!

Failipino loggers that are reckless with their logging activities result to massive deforestation.  Remember trees are very important, you cannot do without forests which is the source of wood, paper, clothing, etc. for the next generation.  As much as trees need to be cut, there is a limit.  Reforestation is very important.  For every cut tree, there must a new tree to be planted and only trees that are allowed for cutting must be used.  But let's face it the Department of Energy and Natural Resources (DENR) in the Philippines is very corrupt.  Illegal loggers pay them, the permit is given.  You may think that massive deforestation to support Imperial Manila's extravagant lifestyle got rid of the trees that could have prevented any major flooding.  

All this garbage is also one major cause of flooding!

Another factor you cannot deny is the improper disposal of garbage.  FLIPFAGs have no care where they throw their trash and are also responsible for why flooding happens.  Having remembered dealing with sewage problems (it's a stinky job) I remembered how sometimes, even people were caught flushing things they should not flush into the toilet bowl.  Like for example I remembered why some decent eateries forbade the throwing of toilet paper into the bow, instead advised the user to throw it into the trash can beside it!  Flushing stuff like paper causes drainage problems.  Likewise, the reckless lifestyle of throwing garbage anywhere hits the sewers which overworks the drainage, causing either burst or because the openings are clogged up, there is no exit for the water.  Either way, the situation will cause a flood.

Go ahead and blame Gloria even if it's already obviously your fault!!!!!

Not to mention a poorly done drainage system kills.  Aside from garbage here and there together with lack of trees, the drainage system is not maintained.  Seriously what in the world was President Nobita thinking when the money of the DAP could have been used to maintain the drainage systems.  And again, all he does is blame Gloria and not do a thing about other problems in the administration..  Remember pipes and the like are subject to deterioration and change.  Faulty pipes and tubes need to be replaced ASAP.  But as said, what in the world is President Nobita doing?!

Perhaps THIS will teach President Nobita how serious the floods are!

It's time to really nominate President Nobita to the floodwater challenge so he sees how floods are not a light thing to take!!!!


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