Six Reasons Why President Nobita's Blaming of Gloria Abobo For His Faults Won't Help the Philippines

"It's simple, I'll just hide my faults under the tatami mat of the Malacanang Palace and then I will blame Gloria!"- President Nobita

While I would express my dislike for ex-President Gloria Abobo and her scams and all, but one must realize that President Nobita is nothing more than a president who refuses to take accountability for his administration's failures.  The whole "blame it on Gloria" scam won't help the Philippines for these reasons:

1.) President Nobita SHOULD focus on correcting every mistake that exists rather than spend time heckling and making Gloria the scapegoat.  Blaming Gloria has diverted his attentions from things that matter to things that don't matter.  In short, he is just playing the blame game.  Shouldn't he at least try to fix the MRT and get rid of the squatters in Tondo than keep blaming Gloria for everything?

2.) Blaming Gloria for the Nobita Administration's mistakes means President Nobita refuses to accept he too has mistakes.  While I don't think he is power hungry but it cannot be changed he is an INCOMPETENT idiot who ended up fueling disastrous decisions through DAP and PDAF.  He ended up even challenging the supreme court out of idiocy.  The HK hostage crisis was just one of the evidences of President Nobita's incompetence and lack of accountability.

3.) Although Gloria was a crook, she also did strengthen the peso against the dollar.  I know Gloria should really be locked up depending on the gravity of the offense for all that money she stole, but she also did the economic turn which was devastated during the Sherap Administration.

4.) For the MRT, Gloria was already taking care of the MRT projects.  What has Nobita done?  Only blame Gloria for the MRT's faults.  He should just focus on the faults of the MRT, not Gloria.  Most of the MRT incidents happened during HIS term out of neglect.

5.) The blame game against Gloria is nothing more than a quest for revenge, not justice.  If President Nobita is really serious about corruption, he should also sack Abad and even his friends who are corrupt, not just the Gloria appointed officers.  In fact, a lot of the Senators who were involved with the Corona Trial like Enrile and Unggoy had bigger crimes than Corona had!

6.) Not all things are Gloria's fault nor Nobita's fault.  For example, was Typhoon Yolanda the fault of Nobita?  No!  Was it the fault of Gloria that a powerful earthquake came destroying several centuries old architectural structures?  No!  Natural disasters or Acts of God are beyond human control.  And yet, it seems to be for President Nobita, even Gloria brings the storms and earthquakes!