Nobitards Who Want a Second Nobita Presidency Should Remember the Consequences of Macoy's 20 Year Presidency!

Meanwhile at the Malacanang, Nobitards want Nobita to sit longer!

While the 1987 Constitution did something stupid with its reinforcement of economic protectionism, something that was granted by Macoy to his cronies... however it sought to limit the presidential powers to six years, though I'd rather have it four years first term, and he may run again for another four years and no more.  The late couple Cory and Ninoy both worked to remove any chances for any president to sit longer than six years.  Unfortunately Nobitards want to grant him a second term, a direct violation of what Cory and Ninoy worked for when they were still alive.

So why should they remember the 20 years of the late Ferdinand Macoy?  Those years had become the dark ages of the Philippines- censored media, graft and corruption, oligarchs on the rise, brutal practices... and when Ninoy spoke against it... they vilified him.  Today, Macoytards continue in their propaganda to make the late dictator a hero and to vilify the Nobitards.  However Nobitards are no different these days.  They vilify anyone who is not for President Nobita as a traitor, pro-Macoy and pro-Gloria...  Plus the Anti-Cybercrime Law's libel clause of President Nobita is repeating the mistakes of Macoy's censorship of press and oppression of freedom.

Another six years for this guy just because he's the cartoon character you always watch on TV?

The problem is this... is No Ability the New Winnability?  For President Nobita, he's always having his so-called campaign of eradicating corruption is nothing more like a child getting even for being bullied.  Considering he is a man-child and he is very immature, don't you think that giving him a second term not only violates what Ninoy and Cory fought for... but also YOU ARE GIVING POWERS TO THIS IDIOT IS LIKE HANDING A GUN OVER TO A TODDLER?!  He may not be power hungry but certainly, he is certainly brain-dead and needs some degree of power... and if any emergency powers should be given to him, it should be for his brain.

Nobita and Bum... the two Benigno name holders...

The problem may also be with this, they are really disgracing the name Benigno.  The late Ninoy who is vilified by Macoytards fought to limit presidential powers.  The late Cory may be incompetent but at least, she restored democracy to a certain extent but failed to correct the crony policies of the late Ferdinand Macoy.  Ninoy fought for a certain extent, the removal of the Macoy powers so he was vilified by Macoytards.  Unfortunately Nobitards are now copying that kind of dirty tactic to vilify anybody who opposes the Aquino clan.

So they want to let President Nobita have a second term maybe just because he has the name Benigno as Benigno Simeon Cojuango Aquino... and they all voted for Bum because his real name is Paolo BENIGNO Aguirre Aquino.  For Bum, he has the name, MUST HE COPY THE LOOK OF AN UNCLE HE NEVER MET?!  Besides, what Ninoy worked hard for to limit the presidential powers because of the Macoy era... unfortunately to give President Nobita another term is equivalent to violating what Ninoy wanted to happen.  Honestly speaking, I think Bum should just focus on entrepreneurship than politics... that way he might be a better person!

Potential martyrdom?!  Don't make me laugh!

Worse, they are all using his "potential martyrdom"... isn't that copying the late Ninoy's martyrdom?  To be honest, I've had ENOUGH of Krisis Aquino's self-glorification and two, crying about her brother President Nobita's potential martyrdom.  If President Nobita ever died by gunshot, it's either by his hand (assuming he even loads the gun with a bullet) or two, somebody angry with his administration got really mad at his INCOMPETENCE.  Please, giving Nobita another six years is putting Ninoy's death in vain.

Just think... is another Nobita term worth it looking at its results or did Ninoy ever want his son Nobita to sit for life?!


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