Gloria Abobo May Be Corrupt But... HEY AT LEAST SHE DID SOMETHING RIGHT!

Although Gloria Abobo is getting her share of karma (soon it will come for President Nobita), her current predicament has actually inadvertently exposed President Nobita as that loony loser who is unaccountable for his actions.  One may take a look at the picture above of the MRT-3... so they say Gloria did nothing?  Puh-lease... all they do is blame everything on Gloria.  And if you ask me, I've seen MORE projects during the Gloria Abobo Regime than the President Nobita regime which all he does now is "Blame Gloria" OVER AND OVER AGAIN!  

"I'll just hide the report and then... I'll blame Gloria!"

And as usual, President Nobita's quick to hide the lapses of his administration under the tatami mat of the Malacanang Palace and says, "I'll just hide it here and blame Gloria."  It's about time the Filipino people DEMAND TRANSPARENCY and demand for answers from the Nobita Administration.  So really President Nobita, what are you going to blame Gloria for next?