My Ex-Girlfriend: A Stormy Love Story!

Well at least this relationship doesn't have all the complications of a Marvel Comics story... but it was nonetheless stormy with my ex-girlfriend who looks like Mika Katsumura.  So I would admit this was a complex Gai/Kaori then Tatsuya/Yuuri type of relationship.  And I would admit that the whole love story was a messy one.

I remembered the time I had a crush on her in High School but shamefully, I was also chasing after her best friend who looks like Sayuri Uchida.  We did develop a bit with texting, I showed I could care about her and vice-versa but... the whole love story wasn't meant to last and it only went for a school year or so.  Which I thought I even had my rival for her affections, who lost interest in her and then, I fought with that rival for other girls too.  So we did date for a short time... I was starting to get close to her, and her to me... but what she didn't realize in-between I was rejected by some mean girl who pretended to be a good girl.

So I did think about dating her to have revenge on both my so-called first crush and that mean girl who rejected me for a douchebag.  Appearance-wise, she is prettier than that unrequited love who picked up a douchebag I had and two, prettier than my so-called first crush.  It only got more stormy when she learned about my so-called first crush, who I narrated was the greatest love of my life... which was a BIG FAT LIE even to myself.

The worst event happened during the birthday of my so-called first crush.  Not that I went there but I found myself celebrating alone, pretending she was there.  Poor me refused to move on.  What made me worse than before was that I was expecting both my so-called first crush and my unrequited love to "cringe" when I was dating a girl looking better than they do.  She discovered I was merely using her for my mission of revenge... which only led to more pain and suffering for a lot of people.  Which she said, "So do you really want me or are you just having your mission of revenge?  If she wronged you, you might as well accept it that she wasn't for you and you two never got married.  Come on, move on."

I told her everything and she had every right to slap my face, to awaken me to the truth that my so-called first crush was just an infatuation.  So I did agree with break up with her one way or another, because it just can't work.  So I ended my relationship with her mutually.  Later we both ran into each other but I soon found myself, no longer interested in her in that way.  We remained friends though even after that break-up.  She told me that I should try to seek my heart and if I really loved my so-called first crush, I should go for it.  Instead, I found myself searching for new relationships.