Why Piracy and Smuggling are Hard to Defeat in the Philippines!

While the Nobita Administration may brag all it wants that it has caused the Philippines to supposedly improve, while he shamelessly takes credit for what Gloria Abobo did to improve the economy, but the truth is usually stranger than fiction.  Although there are reliable sources that say that the Philippines GDP is increasing, but President Nobita should give credit where credit is due.  Gloria Abobo did have some economic policies that saved the country and the peso/dollar exchange rate didn't rise up so much.  While I do condemn Gloria but I do also condemn President Nobita's irresponsibility like the DAP program by Abad and how he still practices cronyism.  The economic situation still requires more improvement if the government expects to beat piracy and smuggling.

Let's pirate Imperial Manila shall we?!

First one may consider about piracy.  One of the biggest problems is the Philippine economy makes piracy hard to beat.  For instance, pirated DVDs and CDs are much cheaper than the original.  For example, one DVD cay cost USD 20.00 and it would cost PHP 900.00 if it reaches the Philippines.  Now I can understand tariffs and all but the whole Peso-Dollar exchange rate is high, causing tariffs and the like to increase as well.  During the time of Nobita's late mother Cory up to Ramos, the peso-dollar exchange rate was only around PHP 20.00+ but during the Sherap regime, the costs increased so high (yet IDIOTS keep voting for that pig)... and we can owe the recovery to Gloria in a way.... which President Nobita should credit her instead of always blame her for everything that goes wrong in his administration.

Seriously nationalism will kill you here!!!!!   

I may also consider this as a reason for piracy.  Speculative as it is, but I really think Failipino's BAAAAAAD quality media is a good reason for why piracy persists.  The so-called "Original" Pinoy Music is more of Obviously Pathetic/Palpak Music.  You may think how lacking in quality most Pinoy-made films are that an enlightened Pinoy won't support it.  I mean, think of how LOOOOOONG the lines were to buy One Direction tickets, the premiere of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno and the crowded gathering during Takeru Sato's arrival.  I mean, I've never seen the lines that long for contemporary Pinoy artists or Pinoy movies.  With all the aim to give only garbage entertainment to Pinoys, buying a pirated DVD of a quality foreign film becomes the alternative over buying the original DVD of a garbage FLIPFAG film for any enlightened Pinoy.

Man Imperial Manila taxes people to much that smuggling is the best way to earn profit there!

The second is smuggling.  Why is smuggling so hard to defeat?  It doesn't take a rocket economist to understand the lecture of an economics professor!  According to my economics professor, she said that our taxes are TOO HIGH thanks to the Bureau of Internal Robbery and Kill Henares' killer tax policies.  They want to do business but taxes are TOO HIGH.  While Communist China has lowered down its taxes as a whole (even to foreign companies but it's still strict with getting 100% ownership but at least it allows 50% and up ownership unlike the stupid 60/40 of the Philippines) to reasonable rates, the Philippines keeps increasing it.  If taxes are too high, tax evasion will be highly encouraged as a result of that.  Then you wonder why smuggling has increased.  One may also mention that the 60/40 policy increases smugglers which in turn, decreases revenue.  In fact, unreasonably high taxes will just kill revenue in the long run too!

In fact, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's really wrong.  It's the basic law of economics that is taught even in high school.  College economics like micro-economics, basic economics and macro-economics will make a person understand the economy, even if they won't be economists.  Even a person of low intelligence who studies economics diligently can understand its basic concepts!


  1. I remembered that ad against piracy with Bong Revilla in it where he stated (referring to the entertainment industry) "Kung bumibili ka ng pirata, pumapatay ka. (Translation: When you buy from pirated sources, you kill.)" Guess what: our economic policies are killing us more. With only barely enough money left, does he think the people still have enough to buy the original ones which are way costly? Not that I condone piracy, but of course, people would want to have those at an affordable price, and pirated stuff provide a cheaper alternative for the masses...

    But wait a minute, if piracy DOES kill, then why not leave it be to kill the Failipino entertainment industry? Good riddance, by then... 3:)

    P.S. The Gokaigers, Luffy D. Monkey, Patchy the Pirate, and Edward Kenway are not pleased... :P

    1. To be honest, sometimes change can only happen when stupidity is opposed.


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