Why a Krisis Aquino Presidency is BAAAAAAAAAD for the Philippines

Anybody who votes for her is just as stupid as those who vote for anybody who's a complete moron!  Please vote according to competence, not according to gender or popularity... forget winnability, please go for CREDIBILITY!

History has records of female achievers like Queen Elizabeth I, Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Rodham-Clinton or Miriam Defensor-Santiago.  However gender is not the issue of achievement but hard work.  Women may be more organized than men or better in numbers, but in this world, both genders just need each other and support each other like most great men had great women like Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton for instance.  Sadly, some women are delusional to think they are great when they are not.  Krisis Aquino is definitely NOT advantageous to the Philippines. Besides HOW DARE SHE even compare herself to the more tactful and more dignified woman such as Oprah Winfrey?  Or how dare she even call herself a good parent with her kind of lifestyle.  To be honest, there's always  a limit or a border to everybody's rights.

One may say come on, her mom was President but please, stop reminding me of that.  I may not think of Cory that highly compared to Hillary Rodham Clinton, but hey Cory had done something COMPARED to Krisis.  What has Krisis done?  Nothing but her home-wrecking journeys, overacting and all acts that influence all types of people towards the wrong path.  So okay I may not like Cory but she set an example by not running again for office to show the presidential powers are not for life.  Though she failed to get rid of the oligarchy system, but at least she limited the presidential power.  In due fairness, give credit to where credit is due.

So what about Krisis?  To be honest, I would even dare say she has NO RIGHT to say she is carrying her mother's legacy, her father's legacy.  Heck, even President Nobita and his cousin the idioitic Senator Bum DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to carry the name Benigno... both cousins are what you might as well call riding on a dead person's successes.  If Krisis ever became president, she might even amend the 1987 Constitution for the worse which is all to her favor.  After all, she is a sinister media personality, a weapon of mass distraction and she might even destroy any rival of hers regardless of gender.  Personally, I don't even say the whole Aquino clan is evil but like every family of heroes, there will always be something rotten across the line.

So what if Krisis were President?  It's going to be a sinister mixture of incompetence and power hungriness.  If President Nobita is an idiot, Krisis by her behavior IS an attention whore.  It could mutate into real dictatorship.  One may consider how many times she has disgraced her own family by wrecking other people's family yet Failipinos give her never ending support.  She might even be far worse than the already controversial Gloria Abobo who President Nobita blames for everything wrong with his administration.  Heck, she might even boycott every other station, promote ABias-CBN as the only TV station to watch, she might revive cronyism to a whole new level and you might as well a female tyrant that would do everything to oppose the limit of presidential power.  She may become even worse than the late Ferdinand Macoy's dictatorship too.

One may question this, will the Philippines survive a Krisis Aquino Presidency?  My answer is definitely a no!


  1. It should already be a no-brainer why. But then, this country is full of no-brains... :P


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