Is Imperial Manila Ready for an Ebola Outbreak?

With the current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, I was wondering is the Philippines even ready for an Ebola outbreak especially now it suffers from the "eh-bola" outbreak already especially in its capital Imperial Manila?  One may consider how Ebola spreads could at least, help gain insight to the question I'd love to throw, "If Ebola hits Manila, can it survive?"

The Ebola virus is not airborne but it has other modes of transmission.  The killer disease actually transmits through body fluids.  I would just think about this one.  Imperial Manila has been one place where a lot of its people just don't obey rules.  A lot of its people just spit anywhere, pee anywhere and worse as for squatters, just poo anywhere they want.  More often than not, poor health standards would also involve blood being recklessly handled.  Ebola transmits through body fluids and just imagine, if anybody with an open wound happens to contact with these body fluids, expect the disease to spread faster.

Arrogant Filipino squatters
They may be tough for now... but let's see the Ebola virus hit these FLIPFAGs!

One may take a GOOD LOOK at the slum areas.  I've mentioned the contamination is through body fluids and squatters have very poor hygiene.  Sure they could survive for some time but life expectancy between a squatter and a decent working man may vary.  The slums are a place where people poo and pee anywhere they want, they just spit anywhere they want... and let's just think if one way or another, the Ebola virus hits the slums of Tondo.

Tondo may soon expect to meet a terrible viral outbreak like West Africa which can infect the whole Imperial Manila then if not controlled, the whole Philippines can follow next (not good).  With all the improper disposal of body waste fluids, do expect Imperial Manila to suffer an outbreak like never before.  For that idiotic someone who says he'd rather commit suicide with all the strict sanitation rules in places like Japan, Taiwan and Singapore - he would probably eat his words once he's infected with the Ebola virus.

Stryfe's words from X-Men would make sense to how the Pwede Na Yan government is moving... if he were real, he would probably release the Ebola virus as well to weed the weak from the strong...

Another factor to consider is the poor standards of health and "Pwede Na Yan".  The DOH is not very trustworthy either.  Imperial Manila is very good at hiding information to "maintain the happiness" of the people by keeping them away from the truth of the matter.  Most of the Philippine-based hospitals have very bad standards and what's worse, some of the best hospitals are just in for the money>  That combination could lead to a widespread epidemic of sorts.  One may consider how the virus can spread because President Nobita refuses to take action.  And also, flood water will keep hitting which may be a good carrier of the Ebola virus itself, mingled with all the pooing and peeing anywhere... please don't make me elaborate about it further!

The Ebola virus is no laughing matter but the FLIPFAG's desire for eternal happiness just has them neglecting any painful reality that could destroy him or her.  So what's next really huh?  If the more developed areas in the Philippines are more ready.  It might end up with the more developed and competent areas to start checking for traces of Ebola while Imperial Manila tries to keep with its false notion of happiness.  Just think, what if the Ebola virus might be eliminate FLIPFAGs?  But sad to say, the Ebola virus will kill both FLIPFAGs and enlightened Filipinos alike as well as every other race.  It might even end up destroying the Philippines thanks to Imperial Manila's negligence!

With a leader like President Nobita, do expect him to be even more neglectful than ever should the Ebola virus hit the Philippines!  

Indeed, one should as, is Imperial Manila even ever ready for anything?!  The answer is usually a no.


  1. Let nature do it's thing. As if enlightened will be stupid enough to mingle with FLIPFAGS; I mean, not to discriminate them (perhaps some FLIPFAGS may still have some hope left) but to just simply keep themselves safe from the disease...


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