Five Reasons Why FLIPFAGs LOVE Trolling Enlightened Filipino Netizens!

Websites like Get Real Philippines are definitely not the type FLIPFAGs would want to go to.  After all, aren't they Failipinos Loving Ignorance/Incompetence Purposely/Perpetually For All Generations?  When I started reading Get Real Philippines, I felt the fact that even if I am Chinese by blood, nobody has to be born Pinoy to be a true Filipino patriot.  Some are born Pinoy but choose to be FLIPFAGs.  The Pinoy has two choices- to be the enlightened Filipino joining with Filipinos (a trait of Pinoy humility) who are not of Pinoy descent or to be the Failipino/Pinoy pridist.  They love to show people how "brilliant" they are and they are never short of their stupidity, while deluding themselves to be the smartest people on Earth.

Now five reasons below explain FLIPFAGs' reason to love trolling enlightened Filipino netizens:

The FLIPFAG is not the type of person to even want to hear criticism.  For them, they would rather cover their ears when the bitter truth comes in.  They don't want it to come out.  So what better way can they do but to troll Filipino netizens who are speaking against the pitfall of Failipino values that derail the Filipino people into a bad image?  For them, they want all their FLIPFAG values to be understood AND GLORIFIED by the rest of the world.

FLIPFAGs want to progress their own agenda further on the Internet as well.  The Internet itself is a tremendous responsibility.  What can make looking for a book so hard in the past, makes it easy with the Internet because an online library is available.  The Internet has the secondary sources needed after one's trip to the library.  However sites like Get Real Philippines are most likely going to just derail them or offend them, so to further their agenda, they troll the enlightened Filipino Netizen.

The enlightened Filipino Netizen is most likely going to criticize the poor quality of Failipino media and the like.  For them, they are not afraid to show what's wrong with the OPM industy, Failipino drama and the like.  These enlightened Filipino netizens are most likely not going to appreciate their love for crappy FLIPFAG entertainment overshadowed by anything that's not Pinoy made and that quality Pinoy entertainment is praised together with quality non-Pinoy entertainment.  For them ABiaS-CBN dictates everything, never mind how many times media sensationalism blocks them from the truth because they hate the bitter truth!

Aside from criticizing Failipino media, the enlightened Filipino netizen is going to criticize poor production standards (and products themselves) of the Philippines.  For them, everything Pinoy made must be good, must be exported, it's always export quality because it's Pinoy mode. The enlightened Filipino netizen is not afraid to give a bad review of Failipino products that are not export worthy.

Worse, it's all for getting attention.... see the Kriis Aquino picture above?  FLIPFAG trolls just want to irritate people, they have after all their offensive sense of humor.  Like the Joker in Batman, they are quick to throw pranks without thinking of the welfare of others.  For them, it's funny to see others irritated never mind it might land them in the hospital if somebody really crazy beats them up, or two worse comes to worst, they die a horrible death.  They are attention-seeking whores.  Rule learned in life?  Never feed a troll or he/she will feed on you or argue with a moron, you become a moron.  These people may die from a lack of attention.


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