Jejemon Bitay vs. Doraemar Roxas for President: It's An Aliens vs. Predator Battle!

Regardless who wins, the people of the Philippines will lose!

It's no secret that President Nobita's term is almost over but even if his term is over, the Philippines is again subjected to another Aliens vs. Predator War.  Sherap's running mate Jejemon Bitay is now heads on with Doraemar Roxas.  So why do we face a huge dilemma?  It's thievery vs. incompetence!

The corruption tandem... and yup their children follow in their footsteps!

Here's a simple comparison of Jejemon with his running mate Sherap.  Remembering how Sherap shamelessly re-ran for President (never mind ALL those scandals), you have some things in common.  Jejemon was mayor, Sherap was mayor and both are married to doctors.  Then their children become politicians like Nancy Bitay and Unggoy Estrada.  Now both are vice-presidents to opposition parties (Sherap to Fidel Ramos and Jejemon to Nobita Aquino).  Both are also corrupt, living luxurious lives and it's no wonder why Sherap made him a running mate.  

Transformar... he's anything but a good leader!

On the other hand, one may think about Doraemar Roxas.  He was President Nobita's running mate during the presidential race.  So really, he can go ahead and become a kargador, tricycle driver, painter, traffic enforcer... it's all part of the transmission of the Eh-Bola Virus which has infected a lot of the citizens of the Philippines for a very long time.  All I can say I can lift sacks, paint walls, do manual labor but that does not make me a good leader.  If I expect to be a good leader, I should show how I can direct workers to the right direction and not just blend in for blending in's sake.  For example, the engineer supervises the carpenters, the engineer does not do carpentry but he or she leads the carpenters to how the work should be done. Doraemar hasn't shown that!

This picture describes Pinoylitics!

Unless the Philippines gets rid of its culture of voting for winnability, gets a real cultural revolution for the better, then enlightened Pinoys and other enlightened Filipinos MUST FIGHT against Failipino culture become the Philippines can be renamed into the Philippines!  Again, the battle is always Aliens vs. Predator, regardless who wins, the Filipinos lose in the end!


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