Satirical News: President Nobita Blames Gloria Abobo for Typhoon Mario!

President Nobita is never short of blaming Gloria Abobo for just about everything from his mistakes to inevitable events like random hostage taking or EVEN the weather.  Now President Nobita has released yet another statement that many considered preposterous.

"My countrymen, just as Gloria Abobo was responsible for bringing in Typhoon Yolanda and the earthquake that devastated Bohol, we have confirmed again by PAG-ASA that she hexed the skies to cause Typhoon Mario.  She magically cast the sewers to flood because she is jealous of my achievements.  She had also collaborated with Bongbong Macoy who killed my father Ninoy.  For my people, I am doing the best I can to fight Gloria Abobo's witchcraft but she she is more powerful than expected.  But fret not, I have called for the help of Mario the Italian Plumber!" said President Nobita.

Mario the famous Italian plumber commented on what's basically wrong with the Philippines' sewer system.  Mario had visited the Philippines a couple of times and has found out that the sewers were badly managed.  He said, "How do you expect Imperial Manila to be good for investment, it's always flooded.  And President Nobita blames Gloria?  Puh-lease!  He should do his job right and fix the sewers pronto before King Koopa can take over the Philippines.  Plus people should stop their indiscriminate throwing of garbage."  The words caused Pinoy pridists to get mad and want to get rid of Mario products all over the Philippines.  The statement also left President Nobita in tears yet again!


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