Failipino Politicians Doing Manual Work in Public is SHOW BUSINESS ONLY!

The amazing Bum Aquino... able to work under the sun without a bead of sweat!

In the Aliens vs. Predator war of Pinoylitics, one of the ways that Failipino politicians keep up with their campaigns is their show business.  What kind of show business?  One can go from fake charity work at the squatter's area never mind that the slums stay as they are to kissing babies.  Now one of the worst methods is to do manual work not because they want to lend a helping hand but because... well they want to show they are for the people.  Don't get me wrong, I do manual labor at times as a form of exercise.  I am willing to clean the car, paint and whatever... or lift small sacks of cement to either kill boredom or speed up the work process.  Some bosses are kind enough to blend in with their laborers.

But this may not be the case with Bum Aquino as shown above.  Looking at the past event where Doraemar Roxas showed he is also the Transfor-Mar, he became a traffic aid, laborer, painter, etc.  What Bum is doing here is probably just as much as what Doraemar Roxas was doing with his "sipsip lang yun" campaign.  For Bum, him becoming a "mason" there is but publicity.  I mean, one may consider this a kind boss doesn't do his work for the laborers, he directs the work of his laborers!  But what Bum and Doraemar are doing is nothing more than, "Look everyone, I'm doing manual labor!"  It may also remind me of Gloria Abobo's hypocrisy to go to the rice fields, help plant rice and then run home and hurriedly clean herself.  The same went for Sherap's campaigns during his "Sherap For the Poor" campaign which was nothing more than a sham.  While I can credit Bum Aquino for his IQ and business expertise, but he should put them to good use!

It also reminds me of this... some bosses may interact and help their laborers for example by mixing cement but they don't do the work they can't do but only laborers can do.  They don't broadcast themselves to prove they are good.  They just willingly help and just help for help's sake or whatever, these bosses aren't there for sipsip but just to get an idea of how hard the work is.  They may just drop by to check, buy materials and so on then they proceed with their other work. But for politicians, for them it's most likely scripted on their part.  The unsuspecting laborer does not realize that he is nothing more than a prop for crooked political campaigns.

Also it makes me think, if these politicians what to impress me, PLEASE SHOW ME YOUR ABILITY TO LEAD!!!  In the work environment, there are workers and there are supervisors.  For example in a factory, the supervisor watches over the work of the laborers.  The laborers do the packing, unpacking, assembling, etc. and what does the supervisor do?  The supervisor arranges these laborers into specific teams for specific tasks.  That is what I want to see in these politicians, their ability to lead and not just their ability to do manual work.  Anybody can clean, anybody can wash dishes, anybody can unpack and pack cement but what I want to see is their ability to lead.