Being Careful About Arrogant Banks

Just a tip, you might want to be careful about arrogant banks.  Sometimes you can recognize them by either word or mouth or the more obvious like, "Because were (insert bank name) and that's why we are the best." As said, no business should claim to be the best except at the accreditation of customer testimony and two, no customer testimony should come from a bribe.  So how can we identify them?

Based on my horrible experience of investment failure with them, here they are:

1.) They always claim to be the best.  As I said, no business institution should say, "We are number one." without customer support.  I find that to be very dishonest marketing.  At first, I used to believe these people but let's just face it, most of them flop.  Every bank has its own pros and cons.  These banks are sooner or later going to bully their customers because of such a huge amount of pride because they say, "Well we are number one."  Neither customers nor service providers have the right to bully each other.

1.) They might promise such a huge return in such a short amount of time.  These banks may be Ponzi schemers who will promise that huge amount of money and run away.  Or two, they might be desperate borrowers who may not have the intention to cheat, but end up losing because of their unprofitable package.  I mean, you DO NOT promise what you can NEVER do.  Some banks fell down because of that.  Although some of them were able to return the money, however they have lost the trust of the people.

2.) Their relationship officers make your life a hassle with their bully.  I can understand that if I had to sign documents or showing up in person but really, demanding the absurd like asking the document to be typewritten on typewriter or bottle mailed is stupid.  I don't mind paying a reasonable cost for express mail because that's very, very secure and two, it can be easily documented compared to fax machines but to demand even for bottle mailed, well that's stupid.  Other factors you might notice with these arrogant banks is that you sign too many papers, insist on hard copy and yet they don't deliver your statement in hard copy, you might want to be careful with bullying relationship officers that you have to bow down to them.  You are the customer, they should bow down to you except if it's against common sense like giving a person a loan they can't pay.  It really was a frustration to cut down a relationship with one and that, while I can understand they did special pleading but quarreling with me over my money with them is something.  I mean, I deposited my money and invested it there because I heard it was good.  However, it turned out to be a mistake on my part not to research about their history.

4.) They will force you to take special packages even when they are risky especially stocks.  When you think about it, stocks are not an easy game to play.  Not everybody can really play it right and two, I simply am hesitant to enter into that because as a good stock market officer says, only invest excess money.  I live my money only according to my needs.  Then again, even some rich people are hesitant to invest in stocks because of the death of most people.  It's like letting a person owe you a huge sum of money believing they will pay you back and I've been there and am still in pain from that horrible experience.

5.) Extravagant gifts to customers during Christmas.  I appreciate my current bank because they don't give extravagant gifts.  Umbrellas, calendars and stuff like those are already enough and two, they are within budget.  If the bank is very extravagant, that is a red signal to pull out your money there!

As said, forget high interest rates if it's too good to be true, forget about them if the firm bullies its customers. You are better off with conservative banking with trusted banks that treat their customers right.


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