Why The Standard Express Mail Will Never Be Obsolete!

I would kiss the fax machine goodbye but NEVER the mail service. I always appreciate having a hard letter on my desk because electricity and Wifi aren't always available. Though I can say adios to the typewriters because they are a terrible waste of efficiency, however I can never kiss the postal office goodbye. You can ask why I don't kiss the postal office. My answer is simple- the postal office like your standard kitchen knife, garden scissors, papers, pencils and books they will always stay even with the advent of electronic stuff. I'm semi-modernized one way or another. I do emails but I do most of the time, express mail and I really say the express mail can't be obsolete at all.

So what's so important about the express mail? For one, the post office is where you send documents that require signatures. I DO NOT like electronic signatures because anybody can just tamper with them and I prefer that I signed it, dated it and so I really will do an express mail for that. Also, some stuff like the need for cold, hard cash CANNOT be emailed so that's why there is the money transfer mail like Western Union. Documents like bank forms and legal letters are so confidential and urgent that only an express mail can send it more secure than any email or worse fax. Also, when you send a hard copy of a research that is urgently needed, you can only mail it. So that really answers why while I can kiss fax machines goodbye, the mail service will always stay.


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