Some People Are Too Left Behind with Technology in the Business World

Well it's a fact technology moves forward yet we still do stick to some things old fashioned like manual doors, traditional knife sharpening, stone ovens for some dishes and so on.  However, we also ought to realize some technologies are just already pretty unnecessary like...

May I make mention of perhaps they are still using typewriters to do their documents even when we know how inefficient they are compared to modern day computers.  I mean, the typewriter is really what I'd call an extreme pain.  One, you make one mistake, you end up repeating everything all over again unlike the computer where one can edit and edit their work before printing.  It's really something to think that while I can understand why we still use manual operated doors or gas stoves while there are electric stoves but typewriters have got to go.

Another is the fax machine and it is believe it or not becoming obsolete.  It really irritates me to think how even companies from developed countries are still insisting documents to be faxed and emailed when I would say, EMAIL IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!  I mean, we have traditional PC printers to higher model PC printers to print documents that have been emailed.  Why in the world would some companies still insist in fax?

Other examples would be people who are still using cassettes instead of CDs, old model landline phones, etc. that have already gone obsolete.

Well some people just don't realize that some things have to go and some things have to stay.