Something on My Niche Blogging

I began to think of how I began to create different blogs and how they came to be. So I ended up thinking of how thing started.  Here's my very specific niches as of current unlike most of my blogs which are hardly niche defined:

  • Super Sentai- True I began to feel like it's time to introduce Power Rangers fans to Super Sentai.  I originally wanted to use my Super Sentai blog to bash Power Rangers but I did end up thinking that, to promote a show, don't use violence or hate.  After all, I'm creating the blog to promote Super Sentai to Power Rangers viewers am I not?  Well I'm being honest with my primary intentions of being a hate blog and I hope I don't return to that old way of being such a hater.  So oh yeah, glad for Mr. Smith's "PR Sentai Universe" blog for being an all-time supporter with his very unbiased reviews and him following my blog too.
  • Japanese, Chinese and Korean celebrities- I had the passion for mostly Chinese and Japanese actors and actresses.  However while I was hesitant to put Sentai cast members here, Chris X's useful advice got me to take care of this niche with the Toku actors since it's all about celebrities- that is where I'm putting most of the eye candies now.  After all, the Toku actors do count in the list!
  • Oriental Dramas and Movies- Just some useful advice and a starting niche, because I figured out I'm more into this stuff than Tokusatsu as of late.  It's just starting though but I hope to get another niche.  I however feel it'll be some time before that blog begins to flourish but I do have tight schedules to meet.

So I was just thinking that niches are quite important because they help on a focus rather than a hodge podge blog that doesn't cater to any specific customers.  I hope some of my fellow bloggers will take the time to think if they need to chop up their huge niches into smaller ones if need be.