So What If Think the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers SNES Game Is Better Than the Zyuranger NES Game?

Now just because I like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers overall, does not mean I must prefer Super Sentai stuff all the time.  I do think most Toku games suck regardless if it was based on Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, etc.  Like I'd say it, no matter how much I like the three franchises (though I'm a KR "purist" as of late), I simply didn't like the games based on them.  But I can at least, voice this opinion out.

So what do I like about the MMPR game over the Zyuranger game?  While it may be unfair to make a comparison since the SNES is one generation higher above the NES, but I cannot deny that SNES MMPR game has some cooler features.  I mean, it's almost like an upgrade of the Jetman NES game.

Unlike the Zyuranger game (and yes, I do still like Zyuranger as a TV series better), you actually get to select which character you want to send unlike the former, where you must use different characters per mission.  What I also like about the MMPR game is that, it presents some degrees of challenge when you are playing as the character.  You have the standard weapon attack (but I can't help but laugh over Kimberly using her bow as a mele weapon and you had to press Up + Y to fire an arrow) but still.. the game was a little more entertaining.  Overall, I choose to avoid games based on Tokusatsu genres like Super Sentai, Kamen Rider or Power Rangers but this game for me, stands out a little bit. =P

Again, why can't those Sentards and Powtards just respect this OPINION.  I mean, if you like the Zyuranger game better, go ahead.  Again, why can't I like Zyuranger better than MMPR but like Kimberly over Mei and the MMPR SNES game over the Zyuranger NES game?  Come on, they are all part of the Toei/Bandai alliance.