I'm Probably a Kamen Rider "Purist" For Now!

It's a real irony I find myself in.  Back then, I went neutral on Kamen Rider but as of late, I have found myself in a reversal of sorts.  While I am currently backtracking on older seasons of Super Sentai and Power Rangers, I cannot deny that as of late, I am more excited for Kamen Rider Drive than I am for Ninninger.

Kamen Rider back then was quite different during the Showa era.  I mean, the Super Sentai villains and Kamen Rider villains had one common denominator that is, the always made typical Tokusatsu stupid, convoluted or just unbelievable plans to take over the world like Gorgom's bee unleashing necklace and that their monsters usually died at the end of the day.

Meanwhile the Heisei era of Kamen Riders were more or less written in a soap opera format where monsters usually don't die at the end of the day.  Ryuki was more like a battle royale and it hardly had a monster of the week, instead the next episode usually focused on the build-up of the Rider War (but I won't forgive the executives for meddling with its ending) and well, Gaim also did the same format.  Agito is for me the best of the Heisei era though Kuuga was a necessary force or Agito just won't be Agito for me.  Maybe it's because I currently like Japanese drama over Tokusatsu in general while Heisei Kamen Rider does fill that need for me.  Although take note, I do like Chinese/Taiwanese drama over Kamen Rider.

Well then, I can't say I have really abandoned Power Rangers or Super Sentai as a whole but I can be neutral whenever I want to.