Bongbong's Finest Delicacy: Maker of High Quality Pinoy Baked Products!

Bongbong's Finest Delicacy is a Bacolodnon company.  Located at the Visayas, this is one of the best Filipino baked delicacy makers.  It's no surprise why foreigners love their products.  I cannot deny how I saw a few Japanese folk buy it in boxes as a take home present.  Indeed, eating food products made by Bongbong's Finest Delicacy is fun in the Philippines.  On the other hand, here's me crossing my fingers this becomes a worldwide franchise.

Biscocho is delicious buttered toast.  It's a fun treat prepared in such a way that makes it different than your regular toast.

Bongbong's Garlic Bread is delicious garlic toast.  You can enjoy this food with genuine Italian pasta as well.  For those Italians, I suggest buying these because it's a tasty treat!

Bongbong for me is famous for its Piayas and Brojas.  Actually Piaya is my favorite over Brojas but both are tasty treats.  Piaya comes in different flavors.  It's a delicacy that's made with sugar, honey and flour... and it has its different flavors.  So try them while you are in the Philippines.

Barquilos from Bongbong's has a unique taste.  It's very different from every barquilos I have tasted.  It is a Filipino variety of a wafer stick. Surely some wafer sticks in the Philippines are tasty, others are not.  On the other hand, Bongbong's wafer sticks really have that unique taste.

These are caramel tarts.  Unlike most Pinoy caramel tarts, this one has the right amount of sweetness.  It's really a caramel tart unlike no other.