I Got That Minor Butthurt That I Got Closed For Mortal Kombat X Pre-Order =P

Well butthurts are always part of life.  I feel quite sad that I got closed for the registration of the Mortal Kombat X pre-order at Data Blitz.  Well it's understandable considering I usually am the type to wait for discounts.  So I always thought about what possibilities could happen especially with jealousies involving the gamers.

My first assumed jealousy is that right now, GRRR I am jealous of those who were able to pre-order the game.  Again, I have the money but not the gut to pre-order since I'm a discount freak myself.  Then the second assumed jealousy would be that when a Komplete Edition comes out.  Jealousy is a natural feeling that will be evoked that, "Hey they are now playing the game." then when a Komplete Edition comes out, they might say, "Wow we should have waited."

Again, I'm glad I didn't throw a tantrum.  Hahahahahhaha!  XD