It's Fun to Eat Cebu's Mangoes!

Cebu itself is known for its mangoes and it's one of the finest mango producers in the world. Now maybe you have tasted other delicious mangoes, Cebu is also one of those fun to eat mangoes worth tasting. But let me warn you... the best season will always be summer. Sometimes Cebu doesn't produce fine mangoes during rainy seasons so you might as well wait for the summer. The wait for Cebu's mangoes is worth the gold it is for Cebuano mangoes.

So what makes Cebu's mangoes another worth the trip? It's less fibrous, smoother and luscious with a natural sweetness as evidenced by the picture above. One tip is that the brighter the gold color, the more likely the mango is going to be worth your while. Which of course, Cebu's mangoes make such a delicious treat. Guadalupe, Carbon and Taboan are places in Cebu to buy fruits. The summer may be hot but a cold mango treat is worth it. The taste of mangoes during the summer is indeed a fun treat.

Now maybe you live far away and can't wait for the mangoes to ripen right? Now here's an alternative treat called dried mangoes. Dried mangoes are sun-dried mangoes which are preserved for the long time travel. It's a delicacy that tourists want to buy in bundles or even boxes before they return to their country. It's indeed a great take-home present. Cebu's exportation of mango-related products also helps the province progress as one of the better developing areas of the Philippines.