SATIRICAL NEWS: Political Penitensya Happens in Metro Manila This Good Friday!

This Good Friday, the Philippines was seeing the ultimate state of epal. Some politicians who are running for office have now crucified themselves. Good Friday has ended up becoming a festivity thanks to these people as tourists were laughing at them. What would have conveyed a scene of sorrow ended up becoming a feast of fools no thanks to some politicians.

Alan Impurisima had pushed through with his Good Friday crucifixion. However he did not get as much attention as Mar Roxas and Jejemon Bitay. It was described as an absurd way to run for presidency.

Mar Roxas (above) allows himself to be photographed for the penitensya where he will be published in the front page of Esquire. He said, "Well folks, by performing the penitensya, I will definitely make a good candidate. If President Nobita performed the penitensya, so will I. This is my sacrifice hoping for a better Philippines!"

Vice President Jejemon Bitay who previously refused to show up for the Senate hearing now performs the Penitensya. Vice President Bitay had decided to show Makati that he is willing to die for it, by voluntarily performing the penitensya. He said, "I can prove my innocence with me performing the Penitensya."

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago commented on the matter, "My goodness, GOOD GRIEF, where are their neurons? Aren't they working? It was already bad enough that Impurisima carried on with getting the penitensya. If a politician decides to crucify himself especially for candidacy, it's an intergalactic state of epal when that happens! It's very unconstitutional for any politician. They should resign instead and take responsibility for their actions."


  1. Now if only this is not fiction. Even better if this is bloodier and more brutal than what is seen in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." 3:)


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